My ASS hurt, I need help

Trainer Road 6 Star’s. I am 37 started to cycle 4yrs ago. From 225pound to now 196. Started Trainer Road/ structure training since July and FTP went from 120 to 163.

I have a problem.

I switched my saddle and now I can’t seems to finish my workout.

I noticed that before when I push hard, sometimes I would have saddle discomfort near the end of the workout but I usually still be able to finish the workout.

But recently I switch to a new saddle and have problems pushing the harder effort.

Is this a bike fit problem or am I just pushing too hard.

Thanks you.

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Why did you change from your first saddle?
When you say you have problems at the harder effort, what do you mean? Is there too much saddle discomfort?

Switch back?


For me, harder efforts are easier on my saddle contact areas. I save my best bibs for my easiest rides. Does your new saddle fit your Ischial tuberosity (sit bones)? Adjusted level or close to level?


I’d agree with @splash. If the problem’s only since the change then switch back. Saddles are very individual, a newer or more expensive saddle won’t necessarily suit you as well. Even with a saddle that suits butt pain on the turbo is very common. That said I find a saddle with a cutout much more tolerable.

Also, if you can stand up and get out of the saddle for a few peddle strokes it can be a huge relief.

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Saddles are a personal thing, and sometimes you need to try a few to get one that is right for you. If the previous saddle worked better for you, then you should switch back and see if that alleviates your problems.

Another thing you might want to consider is a bike fit. Have you had one yet?

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I only changed because the saddle is getting old and the side is all scratch up from my clip in slow fall.

I have never had a bike fit before.

Can you purchase a new version of the same saddle that you originally had?


I use a 6 year old ISM saddle on my TT bike. On long indoor rides (over 2 hours - my ass gets chewed up) but outdoors on 6 hour rides no issue.

Depending on the workout, standing up for 19 sec every 5th min seems to work. I usually go 1 min on the hoods and 5 to 10 min on the TT to break up the effect of the stress from the saddle. this are on the long continuous tempo rides. No issues on any of the over/unders, MV02, threshold or supra threshold sets though.

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look at your saddle from the side, front and back. Is it straight and level?
Is your new saddle wider or skinnier than the previous version.

I agree with the previous post in that you need to stand-up

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So it seems you have changed the make and model then, correct? Many bike shops have loaner saddles, which usually come in a garish color. I suggest you try them for a week. Don’t base your judgement on 5 minutes or riding!

Bike fits are a gods end, and can be relatively inexpensive. In my experience, bike fit issues are exaggerated when you are on the trainer.


Check out the vaarious threads on rocker plates. One of the main advantages is saddle comfort. I had been doing 3 hr Zone 2 rides with a schedule of standing starting in the first hr. With the rocker plate, there’s no reason to stand for the first hr, I don’t know beyond that so far.


Attention to detail, true sign of a triathlete😄


I think I can. I have an old Specialize Spectur stock saddle, it should not hard to find.

That a good idea. I usually only sit until my breaking point. Maybe I need to start to stand earlier.

My saddle should be straight and even, I got a bike shop to install it for me.

Thanks for the input.

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I find myself getting uncomfortable too on the trainer after a while and like to stand to relieve it periodically.

As long as it’s not happening too bad out on the road, you should be fine going back to the previous type of saddle.

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I have been struggling with saddle pain which feels like bruising due to the front half of the saddle. I have been running WTB Pure V saddles for years and always thought they fit me well. I just swapped to SQ Labs products and they are amazing! The design is great in the woods, on the road and even better on the trainer since it puts you on your sit bones and not pressure on the soft tissue.

Here is a good podcast that talks about how saddle issues can cause real issues if not addressed: