Tips and strategy for a 24 hour Ultra endurance race

Next weekend I have a 24 hour ultra endurance race. I’ve never raced before, nor indeed ridden in a big group. It is all for charity and in Feb when the registration opened it seemed like a good idea😊

I’ve already raised almost 2000€ so i feel happy about that at least.

So my question is tips and strategies. It’s mid summer here in Spain, it’s an organised event around a race track. My main concern is staying hydrated… at the moment 2 water bottles last me 1.5hrs, so ill have to pit to replace them… i will alternate water and electrolyte tablets.

I guess im after tips with regards to how to last the full stretch :blush:

Cadence for example… do i keep it high?

A guy in the UK who just today won the national 24 hour TT has a blog:


Thats a great blog… thank you :+1:t2:

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