24 Hour Race Support Crew

Hey everyone! Any tips for a virgin support crew on a 24 hour road time trial? I know it’s a little late notice, as my race is this weekend (Pace Bend Ultra in Austin, TX). I have already put together a race plan and gleaned helpful info from various sources online, but I just wanted to hear what you guys had to say! Any and all tips will be appreciated!

Other pertinent details:

*6.2 mile loop course (complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours)
*General pit area is right off the course (rolling hand-ups may be possible)
*Support crew = 2 parents, 3 siblings, a good friend, and my wife (who will be watching our two young kids…)
*They are renting an RV to use as a base

Thanks in advance!


Thanks them now, during and after.
Apologize upfront for how grumpy and moody you might be at some ungodly hour when you’ve been riding for hours.
I’ve only ever done one 24 hour MTB event and it was as part of a team and we looked after ourselves through the night, but around 3 am my team mate came in for the hand over with a broken bike and foul mood, he was fine later

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Josh, Congrats on riding Pace bend, its a beautiful place to ride.
Plan things out around what your body can actually process over a standard time, and dont over drink or take in to many calories, if you do you will get bloated…

When I do Endurance races I look at a standard lap time/ pace and begin to plan around it, the human body can only process 250-275 calories a hours and for that to happen the osmolality has to be right, to much liquid is bad, not enough etc…

Depending on your lap times you may only need to pit every 2 to 3 laps, but set a steady riding pace and dont blow it up the first few laps, you have 24 hours. Generally about lap 4 when I’m good and warmed up I will rip off a fast lap and the only reason I will is generally incase of a tie breaker the rider with the fastest lap will get the spot…



Dont leave us hanging bro!!! How did ya do!


@mackeenj! Report, please!