9 weeks until CX season start, SP Build or CX Specialty?

I am fortunate to get to spend April to August in Australia which coincides with their CX season. I’ve just finished SSB MV I & II, with only 8 weeks until the opening event would it be better to go through the entire Short Power Build (8 weeks) and then start the Cyclocross Specialty during the racing season to keep improving as the season goes on.

Or should I skip the build and go straight to CX specialty (8 weeks)? (I have a good base and short power coming into it.)

Or option 3, do the first 4 weeks of build and then the first 4 weeks of CX specialty?

Yes, this is the TR recommendation. Remember, the Specialty phase are the sprinkles on top of your cupcake. Make sure you focus on the cake (Base) and frosting (Build) before you refine the minor details.

This is never recommended. Ideally you’d finish your Specialty mid to late race season if you don’t have an A race to peak for. Then, you hold onto that peak fitness for the remainder of the season. You are plenty ready to race coming out of Build.

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