Time for recovery week or finish SSB1 mid volume

Wondering if I would be better served to insert a recovery week now or proceed with week 5 of the plan? I ask because I have completed 5 consecutive weeks of SS work. After reviewing other posts about adding additional weeks of recovery, typically after 3 or 4 weeks of loading I figured the community might have some valuable insight.

I hit all of the power targets for weeks 1 through 4. I repeated week 3 because my heart rate was not recovering after the early intervals of McAdie and Antelope and aborted the workouts and get a little extra rest. I believe this was a reaction to consuming an SIS gel right before starting those 2 workouts. Resuming my normal liquid carb routine 20 minutes prior and during workouts eliminated the abnormal HR issues. Added some cliff block chews during Eclipse 3x20’s and that helped sustain energy without triggering any abnormal HR.

I am 60 years young and a life long recreational road rider always striving to get stronger. Also ride as part of training for back country skiing. Have been a TR user for 2 years. Typically have done a combination of SSB workouts and outdoor riding in the past.

Feeling reliantly fresh and motivated to complete SSB 1, do a recovery week before testing and moving on to SSB 2… but also see McAdie +1 looming.

I think you can trust your body and how you feel. If you’re motivated and feel strong you probably don’t need the recovery week yet. That said, I don’t see it hurting to be cautious and add it now either. Didn’t answer your question I know, but just wanted to give you the vote of confidence based on your description of how your training is going.

Thank you for the input @jwellford to trust my body and pay attention to how I feel. My legs were a little heave during the warm up in today’s scheduled workout Carillon but responded fine to the effort with appropriate carbs.