Recommendations for recovery week

So far I have completed SSMV1. Then recovery week. Then 3 weeks of short power build with TSS ranging In the 500s. I Felt great after my last recovery week. Now after the build period I’m feeling pretty fatigued. I’m starting my recovery week on Monday. Due family obligations I can only train/ ride Tuesday and Wednesday…maybe one more time on the weekend, maybe not. I know this is not ideal because I would like to ride four to five days during my recover week…just slow/recovery pace. due to my limited Training days during my recovery week, what would y’all recommend I do. Just keep it slow for an hour or two on those days or should I actually sprinkle in a little intensity since I may only have two or three days early in the week to actually ride. I’m afraid if I just don’t ride altogether for a week I will lose some of what I have gained. I will start with an FTP test next Monday after recovery week. Thanks in advance.

Also I really try to keep my build periods On the trainer because I feel like I get the most out of them, however my recovery ride ls are preferably outside just to shed some trainer burn out

Keep it z2, do not add in intensity. If you can only ride a few days of the recovery week pick the recovery workouts with the highest TSS. You may find that this little extra rest leaves you extra fresh to hit it hard in the following weeks, which is a good thing.

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You aren’t likely to noticeably lose fitness in a week, even if you don’t ride at all.

Think about the long game. You’re much more likely to derail your improvements by ruining your rest week (by adding intensity) and not starting the next phase strong, than you are by going a bit easier than planned.