Time for a new HR strap/ pod

Currently using a Garmin dual-band chest strap n’ pod, but I am so bloody thru with their battery cover replacement hatch screws which appear to require the precision tools and skills of an artisan Swiss watchmaker!

So… seeing as I can’t get the bloody door off to replace the dead battery (I have some veeery small screwdrivers, but even they aren’t cutting-it), I’ve decided to look for something new and preferably with much better/ easier cell replacement arrangement. Tbh, the who thing is a bit grotty, so it’s had a good innings.

Any recommendations? Dual-band. NOT a Tickr, as I tried one of those cpl years ago, and it failed instantly. Thinking Polar H9 at the minute?

Polar H10 has been great for me.


why they dont make rechargeable ones is beyond me,… until then I am a WaHoo user, the 4iiii Viiiiva also worked well for me as a BT bridge back when I needed that indoors.


Polar H10 has been great for me but I’ve only had it 6months. If it eventually goes I might replace it with a Garmin Pro or its plus model as I think it has done away with the fiddly screws.

Garmin HRM-PRO Plus Heart Rate Strap In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

I’ve been using a coospoo HRM for 4 years. If you remember to pop the pod off the strap and let it dry separately after every workout I think it will last forever. Regular coin battery chamber that screws off with a coin.

USD33 on amazon but be sure to read the description…they sell one that’s non water proof and one that is. The waterproof version is dual band.

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I use this unit for a rechargeable HR monitor and other than maybe two rides with weird readings. I have had consistent readings. It is easy to clean the contact points with vinegar and water couple times a year. I use it year round.

4iiii Viiiiva, very happy with it. It just works. Easy battery replacement.

I have a Polar H10 and a Garmin Pro.

Both super easy battery replacements but one thing to remember with the Pro is that you can’t remove the pod from the strap - something to consider if like me you are a heavy sweater and eat through straps.

That said both the H10 and Pro straps have lasted longer than any of my previous Garmin straps.

Only HRM pods I’ve ever had fail was a tickr which just went erratic and the Garmin dual where all the tiny battery screws ended up rounded.


Garmin Pro for me. Had a Tickr and an H10 and they both failed pretty quickly - IMO a flaw with the clip-on pod. Garmin has been flawless thus far.

Been using the basic garmin one for a few years (mostly running, only started TR in december) and it’s been mostly fine (although nothing to compare with) - I had to buy a new screwdriver to replace the battery and it seemed ok. But lately it’s been having trouble pairing with my Kickr. It worked great for the first month but now it almost never seems to detect it until I fidget with it a lot (wasting 5-10 min or so in the process) anyone experience this? I’d wet the back of the sensor a bit and this would seem to work after a little while, but this is extremely annoying to have to do every time I get on the trainer.

Do the higher end HRMs detect HR more accurately?

Rythym 24…super accurate, rechargeable.

Yes, but not so noticable for just heart rate but can greatly impact hrv based metrics like alpha 1.

Another vote for the polar h10. More comfy strap too. (Though I’ve never had an issue with #0 sized Phillips screw drivers)

Take your HRM down to the local phone repair person. They will pop off the cover in a flash. Will save you money.

Thanks for the suggestions I’ve actually ended up bodging the HRM for now by literally forcing the cover off over the 4 screws with a small flat bladed screwdriver. put a new battery in there and popped the back case back on, and its all good.

It’s certainly on borrowed time though, so I think I’ll be giving the H10 ago.

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Oh it’s definitely the most comfy strap I’ve used :ok_hand:

Definitely is. The only thing I find annoying (and its probably due to the size of my torso) the fastener is halfway round between my side and my back.

I clip it in front and then rotate it around :brain:


I end up doing the same but Im not sweaty enough and I hate that it wipes off the spit when I rotate it round. It can give low readings initially if its a cold start. #1stWorldProblems :wink:

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The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus that was released last year is easy peasy to change. See @dcrainmaker’s video.

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+1 for the garmin HRM Pro Plus.

I’ve had the garmin dual and then the garmin pro (battery being the issue). But the Pro Plus addresses this issue and makes it easier to change.