New Wahoo TRACKR Heart Rate Monitor

Just saw Wahoo released their new HRM.

Rechargeable battery and HRV. New strap design as well.


Something to note is that you can put the pod on other straps, such as a Polar strap, if those are your fancy.


Will be buying one. Fun they are including HRV. Do other HRMs marketed for cyclists track HRV?

HRV recording incoming for TR?!


Garmin and Apple Watches both track hrv, so I guess this is helpful if you don’t already have one of those, although, if I’m being honest, I see hrv very much as a lagging indicator more than one that seems to offer any benefit FOR ME in determining how recovered I am prior to a workout.


I really hope they’ve worked hard on the durability of this - fed up with broken Wahoo HRs, 4 to date


@stevepetts372 Seems like they went high end on the sensor and being rechargeable will likely solve the moisture issues in the battery compartment when the seal isn’t set properly or has become worn or damaged.

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My latest one died because of moisture ingress. And I wouldn’t say the seal was misaligned. One before that, the battery door tabs broke off. Before, that snap links broke off on strap and sensor…


Ugh. Same. I just replaced mine two weeks ago :man_facepalming:

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This is where I’m at


I just wish Wahoo had used Qi wireless charging instead of developing their own proprietary charging cable.

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It’s the same connector that is used for Shokz headphones and you can actually use their charger.


I’ve bought multiple Tickrs from Wahoo that failed (some in and out of warranty) I’m not getting back on that horse again.


That is neat, thanks!

I wish HR strap reviews looked at HRV accuracy. Just having HRV numbers isn’t very useful if its not right. I realize this is hard to check but can be compared more easily if you do a calculation based on HRV, say Alpha1 FDA. If your testing using multiple devices maybe use a connect IQ app that can record alpha 1 values which are calculated from hrv. For example a connect iq app to calculate and record:
Will record to the fit file so can be compared if comparing from multiple units like how @GPLama tests.

There are issues with using the HRV data that is recorded to directly Garmin devices over Ant+ as it seems like Garmin still has yet to fix an old bug where on a dropped ant+ packet it doesn’t reconstruct the HRV using the other data in the ant+ packet, guessing it was originally there to save battery/memory on the edge/fr 305 series. This is why places that need the data say to use bluetooth, not ant+ data FAQ | AI Endurance

I do wish HR straps would give more detailed specs like the sample rate that can influence how good the rr data is:
Muscle Oxygen Training: DFA a1, Sample rates and Device quirks


I also tossed a number of Tickrs in the trash and ended up with Polar which has been nothing but rock solid reliable. It would take a lot for me to switch back.


Ironically, the only issue I have ever had with TICKR’s is the strap and not the units themselves, while my Polar H10 crapped out in less than 2 months.


ETA - this reminded me that I still needed to contact Polar about the H10. They walked me through resetting the unit and I am back up and running. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

I had that happen, too, and I thought I had killed the supposedly unkillable Polar H10s. After resetting the unit, it has been working flawlessly.


The Polar H10 does HRV but you have to have an app to analyse it and its a one at a time (rather than continuous or automatic tracking) I think I used Elite HRV to track it with my Polar H10 for a bit but got bored of it. Hopefully the TRACKR will have a good app which will record automatically.

You can also record HRV with the H10 through Garmin Connect for free but its even more laborious (stand still for a minute whilst it reads) and the app is a bit basic (as its free) to tell you anything (at least that I could easily determine).

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Interesting they’ve ditched the TICKR front closure; it was convenient, but as the video says no one else was doing it. I wonder if it made the studs more prone to rust also (which seemed to be the problem for me). It looks like they’ve also made those studs more enclosed in the TRACKR.

Its something to consider if my H10 ever wears out. Over winter with lack of sweat its strap was a bit iffy but now its warmer its reading perfectly again.