HR Strap problems continue

After 3 Garmin straps, my most recent investment was a Wahoo Tkr. Another fail. After about 6 months, my 520+ displays a random number, say 148, later in the ride it might switch to 116 or something, never giving me accurate information. I’ve replaced my computer, washed the strap, I use electrode gel. What am I missing? Should I just plan on buying a new strap every 6 months?

Lots of threads recommend the Polar. I’ve never owned one (in the 2010+), so can’t speak personally.

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That’s next on my list if the TickR I bought last week fails. Mine don’t fail like the OP’s though (random number generator), mine just stop reading altogether. I have tried hand washing in the sink, machine hand wash setting, shower washing and wiping down after every ride. The latter seemed to be most effective but they have all failed and whilst sometimes a new strap works most times a new HRM transmitter has been needed.

I’ve tried Wahoo and Garmin, and both completely drop out. They’ll work for a few minutes then, poof, gone. What’s odd is that both work flawlessly when I’m riding outside with my Garmin computer. I’m thinking it is an interference problem with other technologies I’m using. I just don’t use HR when I’m training indoors.

For reference, here’s everything that is synced up:

I have my Wahoo Kickr Core synced up to my iphone
Music or videos/movies going through my ipad connected to wireless headphones.

I think that the additional connection with the HR strap might be one too many bluetooth connections for that space.

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May I recomend a OHRM?

I have the old version of this. Works great… but only 12hrs of battery.

I had the old version of this. Worked great. But the charging cradle was garbage. Plus for some reason, it would die on me. They kept replacing it for 3 years. When warranty was over I got the Polar…

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I will say Wahoo customer service was great when I used the Tickr and replaced it twice. I just hated the wait for the new one to arrive.

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Is your phone hijacking the connection?

i’ve been using a coosport HR monitor ever since my wrist based Mio fuse became less reliable (it kept easily being triggered off and on while I was riding). It’s been a couple of months but it seems super reliable and haven’t had any issues. Bonus is that it’s cheaper than the major brands

My the CooSpo purchased since 4/2020 with roughly 480 hours is still going strong. Try a generic strap, it can’t be any worst.

I just switched to the Polar HR10 from the TIKR because it would always lock up and stick on a specific number. I’ve had the Polar for about a month and have been happy with it so far.

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I also bought a CooSpo around then, it died the weekend before last but it got around 800 hours at a guess. It would power up and then 5secs later power down, I tried a new battery anyway, a new strap and rigorously cleaning (it was always wiped down anyway and was clean already), no success. Overall though I think it was a good piece of kit no other HRM has done any better (apart from the original hard strap garmin) and some more expensive soft strap HRM’s have lasted a lot less.

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Alright then, I just ordered the Coospo strap for $15. Probably should’ve just ordered the whole HRM for $30. I’ll post an update once I try the strap. Thanks everyone!

+1 for the Sosche Rhythm+. My only complaint is the 8-hour battery life on Gen 1 but that’s allegedly improved to nearly 24 hours on Gen 2.

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polar 100%, just be careful washing the strap in the washing machine! handwash and you’re golden.

I buy mine off ebay for about $10 a go so normally have backup or two in the cupboard. Wash them in the shower after exercise and when they get janky they get tossed. Typically last 6-18 months.

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Which Polar?

Is that the Coospo strap you’re referring to?

Which HRM are you getting for $10?

These are the ones that I got this time around.

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I’ve just ordered a Tickr Fit (Optical HR) to replace my failed Wahoo Tickr. I’ve been using one at work and it’s been plenty reliable. Should be more resilient to sweat, and I won’t have to bother replacing the battery. I don’t wear HR outside so it’s perfect for me indoors really.

I’ve had two decent rides now without any HR (on my trainer setup) which tempts me to not use it. I do think there’s some post workout analysis that is useful though, maybe I’ll just cover that corner of the screen :man_shrugging: