HRM straps....are they interchangeable?

Hi all, does anyone know if chest straps for heart rate monitors are interchangeable?

So I have a viiiiva HRM (4iiii hrm) and think the strap is faulty…so do I need to but a specific viiiiva replacement strap (that seem v v v hard to get in UK), or would any (e.g. garmin, Wahoo etc) chest straps work - any ideas?

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Same boat here. To my surprise and disappointment my Garmin HRM Run yesterday just said “enough of this” after more than 4 years of a healthy relationship with a lot of good moments to remember. Never saw it coming…
As far as I have investigated, any Ant+ monitor will work with any Ant+ device and the same with Bluetooth.

is this some kind of heart break? :grinning: :broken_heart:


Can you not just change the battery?

Do they all work the same? I only have a garmin one, it has two press studs the little pod attaches to. No idea if that’s the same design for yours? I’d guess you’d need the studs and the distance between them to be the same.

They are all interchangeable - I’ve used Garmin, Polar, Wahoo and $6 eBay straps with Garmin and Wahoo pods.

Also, straps are considered ‘consumables’ - I assume they are getting gunked up with salts. Mine normally last 6-18 months.


That’s perfect and just what wanted to hear! The pod itself works fine and if I wet and rub the connections (studs) it connects and recognises the HRM…but if I plug the strap on then nothing…so connection poor between strap and HRM…however I have some HR gel connection stuff I use - put a dollop on each stud before connecting the strap this morning and worked perfectly!

There are ones with a hook rather than having the HRM form part of the loop, which just click onto the front instead. Garmin Soft Strap is one I think. I personally prefer them. Think I had to do some very basic DIY with a scalpel on them because the plastic bit around the button was very slightly too high for a different brand HRM, but essentially they work & if you accidentally unclip the HRM the whole strap doesn’t fall off.

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Sorry to revive an old thread of mine…but I’ve solved all my HR strap issues and thought might be useful for others. I’ve always had issues with a couple of HR straps/monitors cutting out after 15 mins or so and giving very poor inconsistent readings - hence why In was going to buy a new strap.

I bought some electrode gel (few quid on amazon) to put on the strap after seeing it recommended a few places but that didn’t help.

HOWEVER I had the brain wave to put a small dot of electrode gel on the press studs that connect the strap to the monitor to improve the connection and FIXED! Totally consistent strong good HR readings every time regardless if running, riding indoors or riding outdoors - works perfect. Whenever I wear the HR monitor, just small dot of electrode gel on the press studs and away I go!

Hope it helps others with any HR monitor issues!

I’d worry that the gel will cause the electrical contacts to corrode.

Gunk can also build up in the contact studs.

Electrode gel might be a bit of a band-aid to improving electrical contact with the studs. But probably a better longer term solution is to clean the gunk out from the studs, and especially scrubbing away any corrosion.

I’ve always kept contacts clean but always had issues. I wipe them down after every ride and no issues at all. Can’t believe the gel is any worse than sweat which soaks it all every workout.