Time between 'A' races

All - my apologies, I feel that this question has been asked many times before and the topic of multiple ‘A’ races is duplicative of many TR podcast conversations. However, I’ve dug around the forum for the past twenty minutes to no avail.

To the point - my calendar (SSB - SPB - CCM) has me ‘peaking’ for Leadville Silver Rush 50 on July 7th of this year (will be my third time, great race if you’re not drawn for the Leadville 100). I’m thinking about putting my name in the hat for Park City Point to Point which will be held on August 31st. That is a eight(ish) week gap - how should i chunk up TR plans (and which ones) to fill this time period? Is the time period too short to rebuild peak fitness?

Thanks for everyone’s help - glad to drop ‘lurker’ status with my first post!


Are these truly of equal status for you as A races, or is one more ‘A’ than the other?

Hi neil - Park City Point to Point would be more ‘A’ than Leadville if i get in. (i’ve heard it fills up extremely fast)

Plan your calendar for your Specialty to end on PCP2P. If by chance you get into Leadville just add in a week of taper, you should be good to go for that race coming out of SPB. Depending how your calendar and weeks fall, you may need to play around with a few weeks for everything to fall into place for Leadville. Insert weeks of Specialty at the end of SPB if you need extra weeks or swap out a taper week if you have too many weeks.

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Ok so if this was me, I’d aim to finish the speciality for Park City end Aug, and end build right around Leadville. You might need to add an extra recovery week after Leadville in which case the Speciality plan might advise which week to miss out

I’m riding the LT100 on Aug 10th, and am planning on also riding the Silver Rush on Jul 7.

The LT100 is my A race, and the Silver Rush a B (I’m using it to hopefully get a better corral position).

I’ve timed my plans to peak for the LT100, and I’ll add a taper week prior to the Silver Rush, with several days of recovery afterwards before resuming training.

I think P2P is almost as hard to get into as the LT100! Best of luck with your entry :+1:t3:

Thanks everyone - much appreciated. I’ll plan on CCM bookending into P2P if i get in. If not, i’ll keep with my current schedule of CCM running into the Silver Rush 50.

DaveWh - thats awesome that you’re in this year on the 100. Thats the race that got me serious about riding. My brother-in-law talked me into putting my name in the lottery three years ago - they called my bluff and I was in. Haven’t looked back since. Love Leadville.

What do you consider a mid-plan tapper week for a race? Would it be the same schedule as those lower TSS weeks that occur around the fourth week in a plan?

I’ve found I do well with a taper week that has a very low level of activity. 40%, probably less, of normal volume. But maintain intensity. The last ride I do will probably be on Wednesday, maybe Thursday (given race is on a Sunday). And will be a short 30 or 45 min workout. Likely short VO2max intervals.

Tapers are individual tho. So need to experiment a little with what works for you.

Use week 8 of your Specialty as a good taper for your mid plan/season race.

Thank you everyone - i’ll see where i land on my P2P entry and frame my calendar from there!