Tim Cusicks Basecamp

Has anyone tried Basecamp by Tim Cusick? I was thinking of mixing up my usual base training this winter and thought this sounded like a step above a prebuilt plan since you have access to coaches and they modify the plan to your level at the beginning . Just wondering if its good for people experienced at training, our if they focus too much on newer riders.

Thanks for any info

I dont see a single reference on their site to ‘beginners’ - not sure why you’d think it might only be suited to that?

I think what they’re trying to do is sell coaching around a fairly cookie-cutter programme. I dont see much reference to upfront assessment or testing, so suspect the plans might be fairly standardised and its the feedback, communication and support which will add value, if you want that? My guess it will work really well for anyone that wants that, regardless of experience.

It’s, in a way, similar to what you find with Zwift groups, and group coaching. Group coaching, a training plan. It’s not clear how customized the training plan is. But, it says “customized” for your goals. In a way, that reads to me like buying a pre-designed plan that is of “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced” to suit your experience level. And then group training to go with it, like what happens with all training groups on Zwift (though that starts as social rides to introduce and then moves to monetization for those more interested in training vs money up front).

It even follows the same structure with Facebook groups, and coach led workouts.

This. It’s going to be Base focused, as it’s called “BaseCamp,” so if you want something for CX racing in the winter, this probably isn’t it.

I don’t think it’s bad. Some people like that experience. I’ve done it once or twice when I was Zwifting heavily. Some camaraderie and shared experiences. In the end, it wasn’t for me, as it’s just a training plan with some adders to it, and there’s only so much you can do without full customization.

The Zwift training is interesting, as it’s almost like a local coach, except that it’s online. The distinction is that a local coach will help you with what they see, as they are right there (such as sprint form, out of the saddle transitions, etc.). You pay more for it though. There’s a coaching group that I see all the time on one of my rides, and I have some familiarity with the coach as she’s used by some of my friends.

its here:

you can download the presentation and see its somewhat standard testing across the power curve:

  • day 1: 5-sec and 1-min maximal efforts
  • day 2: 5-min maximal effort
  • day 3: 40km all-out or alternative FTP test

Received a couple emails over last 3 weeks and your post triggered taking a look at the website.

Looks to be for anyone, a 2 week sample is here: https://www.joinbasecamp.com/training

And demographics from last year:

After watching all the WKO webinars, and being a student of my own training, I have a very positive view of Tim Cusick’s approach to coaching. I own his masters full season plan. If you haven’t tried coaching and are looking for something without a long-term commitment then it seems interesting.

To follow myself up…


Like everything, it seems like it’s what you make of it. I’m following a friend in Strava, he started with 241w in his 1st FTP test x 20min, and last week 271w x 20min….He’s been doing 6-10h x week.

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I actually signed up for it and am super impressed… In my experience, it been better than one on one coaching experiences that Ive had with both Fascat and CTS. The plans are solid, and the support you get from Tim Cusick and Amber Neben is so much more that expected. They are extremely dedicated and pretty much are ready to assist you via FB all day long. Have a question on doing a workout, a problem you have, or how to adjust so,ething, they reply fast. They also give great pre workout prep posts, then review peoples workouts via videos posted after each key workout. The goal of the program is to make you faster AND understand all the training principles so you know why you are doing what you’re doing AND learn how to review your program as needed by the end. 5 stars! Best training money Ive ever spent