Doing Base for the first time

So after years and years of just doing drop rides or smash rides, I have finally started doing a base block. I am sitting at 3.8 watts per kg after having about 4 weeks off the bike during COVID.

Few of things I have noticed:

  1. My first sweet spot workout only had 5 minute intervals and I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it.
  2. I just did a session with 5 intervals at 15 minutes and did them comfortably.
  3. I did an outside MTB ride and basically PR’d every climb and descent even though I have only been doing base. (High-Volume)

I have not done another RAMP yet as I am only starting my 3rd week but I am coping with the 10 hour work load no problem and I think my FTP will definitely go up.

So as someone that thought base phase was a waste of time because I had a base fitness from riding outside and for really anyone searching this out in the future…

Yes base workout’s are worth it.

I have always wanted to be 5 watts per kg but always tap out at 4.2 watts per kg on about 4-5 hours a week. Lets hope I can hit 4.5 - 4.7 on 10. Its a big jump but i am giving myself 12 months to get there.


Base isn’t sexy, but yeah, seems important :+1:

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Hi, Base is everything… That is why TR starts with Base 1 and Base 2, before build. The trouble like most cyclist ME included before coming to TR, thought i had structure and lots of miles on the road gave me the right stuff in my legs to get faster. But listening to Chad, we need the right stress level to get the adaption, its the same for base, Lots of Sweetspot , just enough stress , but not enough to break you.

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Couldn’t agree more @Dominicd ! I’m 10 weeks into the Base 1 & 2 SSB and have already seen improvement in FTP, as well as pb’s across my entire power curve. This is the first time I’ve strictly followed a structured plan beyond 6 weeks and I’m looking forward to my next Ramp Test in two weeks before moving to the Build phase, where i expect to see even bigger gains.

Good luck on your plan - you’re already half-way to your 5w/kg target by simply setting the goal to get there. You can do it! :muscle:

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