Tight Hip Flexors

@Nate there is a previous podcast episode where you talked about some method you learned for grabbing and stretching your hip flexor muscles (if I am remembering correctly). What was that episode, or maybe just what was your method?

Couch Stretch & Seated Hip Stretch usually hit the spot (+ other areas) for me.

For stuff like this, I go to YouTube and search for “tight hip flexors” and then find videos from a physical therapist like this one:

And then try some of the exercises, and use the ones that prove effective for me.

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I’m thinking of one specifically where Nate was talking about digging his fingers into his leg, grabbing around the tendon (or whatever it is), and “strumming” it like a guitar string or something. How did that one work specifically?

I believe that was IT band. This year before mid July (because I mentioned it to someone complaining about IT band issues on a ride on July 13). It may have been after the main podcast because he was trying to demo on the video feed.

:blush: oh yeah…I definitely meant IT band

It was the IT band. I put my leg out to the side, then while the leg is relaxed I put my fingers below my IT band and slightly pull up until it’s just barely hurts.

I then keep it there until I feel it release, I then move up and down my leg until pulling up doesn’t hurt anymore.