Nate’s IT band stretch from ep 48

Hey @Nate_Pearson,

Listening to an old ep of the podcast and you mention a seated IT band manipulation you do that saved your athletic life. Any chance you can post a quick video of you doing it? I’m trying to re-create what you did, but I feel like I’m not digging in the right place. Thanks! Mile

If you look for the same podcast on youtube, he is showing it.

D’oh! My apologies for not figuring that out myself!


Actually, I can’t find it there either, any chance you could send a link please?


I’ve definitively seen it on youtube, but I don’t know which episde it is in. I don’t think it’s 48 though, must be something 130 upwards.

Was it the pigeon pose?

This little bit of rolling worked wonders for my IT Bands.