Knee pain, lower back pain and tight hips - recommended stretches on a single piece of paper

I bent over to tie my shoe on Monday and my back seized up. I blame my lack of a warmup before my Sunday race and tight hips. Don’t be like me!

I created this stretching cheat sheet to print and stick on my wall that I should be doing every night to avoid injury.

Anyone have any stretches to add?

there’s a good series called “Unlock your hip flexors” - a number of static and dynamic stretches for hip flexors and fascia. I think it’s about $15. For the amount of time we spend in the saddle in a forward bent position, hip flexors stretching should be a priority

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It’s not stretching but I’ve had sudden onset back pain several times since taking up cycling years ago. Stretching and massage targeting the areas helps reduce the occurrence but the only thing that was gotten it to go away completely is regular visits to my chiropractor (who’s also a cyclist).

I’ll say I don’t buy into the whole chiro philosophy that they can fix everything by adjusting you, but I have had tremendous improvements in reducing the tight muscles in my back and neck which has lead to no longer “throwing out” my back.

N of 1 and all that.

A hip internal rotation stretch with a tiny lean forward and backward is nice for general hip mobility. You don’t have to hold a weight for it; that’s just the only decent photo I could find.

I venture to guess it’s more than something being tight…but you asked for stretches and your list looks pretty well rounded.

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I do variantions of theese, but the one that is critical for me is this
I do this almost every morning. If I dont do it the back siezes up within 2 days.

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I started Pilates workouts few weeks ago. It has destroyed me :smiley: So difficult and I feel that totally different muscles work. I already have soreness 3 days after training

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I’ve had lower back surgery for bulging disc. I thought back injections were going to be my future.
I’ve done these four stretches the last couple of years and haven’t had a back flare up since.
Piriformis stretch; Sitting, cross leg (on exhale contract abdominals) lower upper body. Eventually (weeks/months) you might make it all the way to your ankle? switch legs.
Sitting Hamstring stretch; Sitting tall, place right foot heel on top of left toes (both legs straight) bend towards feet. Switch sides
The above hip flexor stretch.
Calf stretch.
Best book for lower back pain; The 7-minute back pain solution. Co-authored by surgeon and PT.

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Awesome stretch right there👌