Wahoo Ticker 2 BT Problem

Is anyone facing any issue with Ticker 2 BT connection?

I can connect to TR but my heart rate stucks and does not move. Not sure if this happens with ANT+. Did not have chance to test but I will check it tomorrow.

Anyone facing any issues?

Battery condition?

I assume you wet the pads on the strap? When did HR get “stuck” relative to the rest of your workout - beginning, middle, end?

I have a Gen 1 TickrX that sometimes incorrectly reports HR when I’m drenched in sweat.


Battery is all good. The issue is only with BT and not only TR. it also does not send data to Bike Computer.

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This can be the problem but again it does it only with BT.

I have done an outdoor ride today where I was doing VO2Max pushes and my HR was at 120 :grinning:

Interesting that it only happens in BT. I’ll have to figure out a way to test mine in Ant+. Thanks for the info!!

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I have seen the issue also. I just moved the computer closer, however I use a big TV, for my monitor

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I have a previous-gen Tickr and my heart rate gets stuck at some unreasonable value above 200 or so. (I have never seen my heart rate go above 180, even doing sweet spot or threshold work, I am at 165–170.)

Sometimes reseating the sensor will help.

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I usually don’t use HR, especially during my outside rides, races,etc. I sometimes put it on, during threshold workouts.

Glad that I am not alone. I will test it with Ant today and revert

I have had two 2nd gen Tickr X monitors, both stopped working in ~2 months. Both had same symptoms, ~2 weeks before final break starts showing data unreliably. Under 140bpm ok, above that numbers drop suddenly, sometimes shows flat line. It worsens until stops sending data at all. When replacement were sent, tried old device with new strap – worked ok i.e. it is strap that goes bad, not device itself. Talked to local dealer, same thing has happened to other customers as well.

As I’m using Wahoo Headwind that regulates airflow based on HRM, you can imagine my frustration when during harder interval Headwind blows slower and slower :slight_smile:


The same issue that appears only when tickr 2 is connected by bluetooth. I am using it to transmit data to TR app (BT) and to Wahoo Bolt (Ant). HR sometimes stucks, or tickr is loosing signal or not transmit the HR at while being connected to the app. The old version do not have this problem (I have recently returned to the old one) and outside everything is ok.

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It can be a issue of new version but I face the same problem with bike computer.

Definitely the device itself. It was problematic from the start. What I also observed is the “range” of BT. I can stand 2m from the computer with TR app and Tckr will drop signal, where any other device do not have this problem. After reconnecting usualu there is no HR transmission.

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I’ve just gone back to Wahoo about my second tickr 2 standard version not the X. I get fixed heart rate readings which generally means the pads aren’t wet, but TT hey are. Both have failed after 2-3 months use which is extremely frustrating.

I’ve just bought a Garmin dual as my original rigid plastic one lasted me the best part of 5 years.

I’ll see what Wahoo say this time, hopefully I can get my money back as I raised it the first time within the get put oeriod

Be sure the firmware is fully updated on all devices.

I just bought a Tickr and had similar issues with it. I was still within the warranty period and Wahoo swapped it out for me. The new one works with no issues.