Threshold feels like sweetspot

Hi, everyone!

This week i’ve started SSBMV II. After having obtained the same ftp in the ramp test than before (216), and feeling that it didn’t really measured the improvements I’ve been experiencing during SSBMVI, I have done Kaweah, which is the prescribed threshold workout of the first week.

The workout has felt rather easy, kind of a sweetspot one; my HR has stayed in the 140-160 bpm range…which is usually my sweetspot range.

What should I do?
Retest again? Adjust ftp manually a 5 percent?
Happy to hear your thoughts!

what was the threshold wo?

It was kaweah. 5 ten minute sets at 95-99 ftp

I was in a really similar position to you a few weeks ago. my ramp test after SSBMV1 produced a lower result than my current FTP at the time (i’m bad at ramp testing, i know this about myself). my rpe during sweetspot and threshold rides indicated that i had not actually lost any fitness however, and had likely gained some.

What worked for me was i increased the workout intensity by 2% per week until the RPE was inline with what i was expecting. for me, that was first week of SSBMV2 at 102%, and week two at 104%, after which i manually updated my FTP up to the new value and continued the plan.

i felt this worked really well in easing in the adjustment to higher work levels, less of a shock to the system performing intervals at a level i wasn’t prepared for.

after finishing SSBMV2, i actually saw an increase in FTP from the ramp test, which was encouraging.


what @TomJ say…
I would start by adding a few percent points to the wo and see how you feel…
if you feel is adequate, then maybe rise your ftp a bit…
worst case you end up doing harder wo…which you could always modify to a lower intensity.


It’s exactly what happens to me!
…I’m also quite bad executing ramp tests…
What you did seems a very good option that I didn’t knew I could do! I think I will do the same, seeing that it really worked for you!
Thanks for the advice!

But don’t get crazy with it. The progressions will catch up quick. The first work out after a ramp test is the easiest of the block. The get harder with each one.

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Of course!..I will adjust things little by little…I’ve seen the workouts ahead and I preffer to be cautious!

I think constantly fiddling with FTP without a valid test just means that you are guessing with your training. I’d get onboard with a longer test where you can get consistent results every time.

Then, I’d set the FTP for the block and trust that TR has designed the block correctly.

You should be fresh at the beginning of the block as you just had a rest week. You’ll be tired at the end of the block. If you keep bumping up your FTP because it doesn’t feel hard enough, you might end up digging too deep of a hole along the way and then failing workouts towards the end.

If that first week post ramp test Kaweah workout felt easier than threshold work, you should definitely adjust your ftp up a little.

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Thanks for the advice!
I’ ll consider doing a longer test; maybe i’ll get more accurate results!

i agree with using longer tests to set ftp. it’s actually my preferred method during the summer months where i tend to take part in weekly TTs, so i have regular max effort 20 min and 1 hour rides.

during the winter, if i start with one test protocol, i try and keep it to be consistent for the season.

i’m not really set up well enough to be doing long efforts like that indoors, rooms too cold and fan isn’t strong enough. need that warm summer air to feel really good riding hard!

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All of this is true for me. Especially failing at the end of build. However, I have severe test anxiety with ramp tests. My legs already start shaking by the thought of doing a ramp test. And I always under test (as evidenced by how low my heart rate and RPE is during the training block).

So I just try to microdose FTP increments (1-2 watts per week or two weeks) and make minor jumps after rest weeks (3-5 watts). If it’s too hard, I lower 1%. If it’s too easy, I up 1%. But I am conservative. That one training going well is not a good indicator, of course I need to account for accumulated fatigue. Often I am spot on with my FTP increments. Sometimes I overdo it and I overreach two-three trainings in a row. Then I just lower my FTP and redo the week.

For me, that works.

.yeah… ramp test also makes me kind of nervous
…and after the rest week my body and my legs are kind of lazy/asleep. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like the first day of work after your holidays: you are rested but still need a couple of days to adapt again!

Small tip since I was struggling with ramp tests too…

For this season I started hiding my HR during ramp test so my head doesn’t fail as it starts raising. I am able push myself towards observing always gain (20 minutes +) and also had some HR maximums I didn’t see for couple years :slight_smile:

That’s not a bad idea!’s true: sometimes i tend to depend too much in my HR; maybe it limits me mentally, hindering my performance??
Next ramp test i think I might hide it too!