Workouts not stressing Is it better to increase FTP or Intensity percentage?

Looking for some ideas regarding adjustments to workout intensity and or FTP?

Issue: In July2018 start SSB LVI FTP 200
August Start SSB MV 1 FTP 228
October start SSB MV II FTP 200 wait 2days retest 208 retest after a week later 3days SSB 4 days off due to travel 212.
I then change FTP to lower 212 this week I did Mills VO2 IF 88 did not feel challenging so I increased intensity 105 110% IF changes to .91, Carpathian Peak +2 Threshold IF .88 I increase 105% IF change .97, Jepson Threshold IF .86, I increase 110% 115% IF change .93
I completed 90% of intervals within +/- 5w of pwr tgts, Still, felt I had a little more to give.
What are the Huron to do…?(Name the movie the quote came from :smile:
A. continue modifying workout intensity
B… Adjust FTP to equal my workout intensity increases
C. Do nothing and be patient
D. ???

Other details: Wheel on Smart Trainer, V3 power meter, Yes use power matching. yes calibrate every ride. Yes conditions for Ramp testing was similar,

thanks for your input

Did you do the ramp test correctly? I’d say do another ramp test - but maybe do the 2x8 FTP test instead.


This happened to me and I just bumped up the watts by 5 to see how it felt. If it is still too easy do another 5. Best base block I’ve ever had.


That’s what I’d recommend, @Junio.

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Okay, but I will wait until my light. I’m old fart so I will run the table this week then next week I’ll Ramp test. thanks for the reply

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Okay I will try it this week. Then when I take a light week I will ramp test again. Do you know if when you increase the intensity at the botton of the TR display is each % point equivalent to a watt?
thank for your reply

Yeah I dont know if I did it correctly… I tried to recreate the same conditions from my very first ramp test and I rode until I could no longer ride… pedals too hard to turn. I will try another Ramp test and if its uber low I will venture into the 8min tests. I will have to read up and get smart on the 8 min test. Thanks for your reply

I think it is % ftp used to calculate each segment. And it seems like it will always round down. So if your ftp is 299 i think 1% will be 2 watts.

My opinion is that you should increase your intensity incrementally, bumping it up, instead of retesting. Find one % that works eg 106% and keep it until the start of your next plan.

  • for whatever reason your Test came out low, it may happen again
  • testing again with a different test format (8- or 20-min) has other challenges and may leave you in the same situation
  • testing again comes at the expense of another workout
  • increasing intensity is easily done

The only downside is that your TSS will be overestimated a little; so what.


That is my concern, Ramp test at the expense of a workout, it will have a domino affect on my current plan. I only have 3 weeks b4 the start of a new plan.

Do you know what the relationship is between a 1% point +/- and a watt?

Thanks for the reply