Thoughts on Plan Builder’s “Openers” option? Why or why not?

I’m playing around with the plan builder and I’m not sure if I want to utilize the openers feature, or not.

I question wether I can get a bit more quality training and TSS by doing a regular workout on these day.

I know this mostly has to do with a person’s specific goals, but I’m curious how others are using this feature. If you’re not using it, why not? Thoughts?

Happy training

Only A & B races should have the option for openers, C races would simply be a substitute for that days workout and not have an opener scheduled:

I don’t use openers before a C race, and often do some aerobic riding after my race (MTB). Regular scheduled workout before or after the day of the C race.
A/B/C races were discussed again recently in the podcast also, so worth a listen if you haven’t yet.

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Oh, of course. My mistake. Thanks… I did catch the podcast.

@Wayne Are you using plan builder, and if so, are you using the openers feature? Cheers

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No worries! I can’t think of the episodes, but I know in last week’s episode Pete touched on A-races a bit answering a question (about 10-15 mins in), and then 2-3 episodes back they had a more detailed discussion on prioritizing races and training (along with how A/B/C incorporates with Plan Builder). I’ll try and search for it.

I did just recently setup the rest of my year with Plan Builder, yes. I am also using the openers feature - just saves me time on scheduling something I would do anyway for those races.
Note that B races will just get an opener placed the day before, even if it’s at the end of a rest week, like this (borrowed from Jonathan’s calendar):

While A races would have a full taper week ahead of them.

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Very excellent, and makes sense.