Race openers day before or day of?

I can’t do any leg openers the day before a race due to work constraints. The race is an late afternoon/evening crit. Should I do an early morning on the day of or just do my normal for warm up right before the race? Does it even matter?

It matters if it matters… terrible, I know.

Everyone is different and the purpose of an opener varies.

  • For me, it is more about the mental aspect and making myself think about and prepare for the pain ahead on the next day.
  • Some people feel a physical benefit that can open up the systems to make them more ready.

So, either of those or any other reason can make an opener worthwhile. It’s best to look at your history with them, and even review how you responded to other times of close workouts or 2-a-days. How did you feel from those and can that info be applied in this case?

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No, it probably doesn’t matter.

Do you have a sampling of races with all other factors to know which has given you better results? Odds are probably not. I would stop stressing over it.

I am not sure what your discipline is, mine is XC, but if its like mine, races come in many different formats on many different days. Sometimes I am doing a hard lap (45 min) at 95% day before a race, others I Don’t get to ride due to driving to the event, course is closed, etc.

even when I look at my sample, it usually came down to how well hydrated and fueled I was and strategy/chance/mental choices.

I have had great races on all rest, and on no rest at all, with varying degrees of efforts the day before. Go figure. After my observations from this year, I don’t think I am going to rest at all week of XC races and ride through race day.

Just go race and don’t treat it as a handicap. You can do openers 2 days out within 48 hours of the race and have the same physiological benefits.