What’s the current perspective on opener workouts the day before a race

I think plan builder used to put openers on your calendar the day before a race. Now they are optional and not automatically put on. Has there been a change in perspective on the utility of these workouts?

What have people been personally experiencing on the effectiveness of these?

Crucial for me. If I do a rest day before a big effort, my legs don’t feel awake.

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I use Truuli-1 before most open TT to freshen the legs - club races or any others I’m not to fussed about I just train through.

I have never done them in the past but I might try some this year; just going on experience I seem to do better with a decent opener of sorts. My best FTP tests came after cycle commuting and similarly I seem to go less well sometimes when I do nothing the day before :thinking:

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Well I got second place in my race yesterday… I think I’ll keep doing openers (Pahrah).

Thank you for your replies!

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It is individual but openers are must have for me… If I don’t do some efforts a day before my legs are so heavy and RPE is much higher…

I did Pahrah on Saturday before a race on Sunday - I also came second, so would also recommend it!

Rest day two days before.
Openers day before

Did Goddard -5 the day before a race and strained a calf. Not enough warm up before the intensity in that workout. A stupid design really.