Thoughts on data breakdown


Paypal, or Patreon? I’m quite happy to pay you, just not using those providers.

You’re product is great BTW.

Thanks :slight_smile: I have now switched to Stripe. Its much cheaper and you don’t have to leave to subscribe or cancel etc… There is a big button near the top of the /settings page.


Thanks David. I’ll check it out.

Wow, much easier :+1:

should we stop using the patreon then?

Yes please. Tx.

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Paid up. :+1:

PS. You should probably add a voluntary amount. I don’t mind paying $12 bucks a quarter to help out, but I’d been meaning to flick you some cash for awhile. I’ve been using your service for some time and would’ve paid more :wink:

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Done! Very easy this way, nicely integrated. I didn’t see it on the initial page though, found it under Settings. Maybe make a small text banner on the initial page to spread awareness?

Tx. If you haven’t subscribed it will popup a little box every 5 days or so asking you to do so.

Really loving the way we can track the welness with so many metrics. Thanks for the fantastic work !

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Really appreciate this site. But curious how it determined yesterday’s workout was ‘Threshold’? I spend 77% of my time in Z1/2!


The formulas have edge points … as far as I know there isn’t an “accepted” way to classify training from time in zones. This is the calc which is adapted from a spreadsheet I got from Alex (Fastfitness.Tips):

// s1=z1+z2 s2=z3+z4 s3=z5+
let ans
if (s3 > s2 && s3 > 0.499 * (s2 + s1)) ans = HITT
else if (s3 > s2 && s1 > s2) ans = POLARIZED
else if (s1 > 3.99 * s2 && s1 > 3 * (s2 + s3)) ans = BASE
else if (s1 < 3.01 * s2 && s1 > 1.4 * s2 && s2 > 1.4 * s3) ans = PYRAMIDAL
else if (s1 < 4 * s2 && s2 > 0.5 * s3) ans = THRESHOLD
else ans = UNIQUE

So its threshold if (Z1+Z2) < (Z3+Z4) * 4 … i.e. if at least it 25% of the time is Z3+Z4


Research in cycling intensity has some methodology they have models to classify PYR, THR, POL. It could be useful to see if there’s a convention among scientists that you could adopt for the website.

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So i have a question…
how does the site calculates totals?
Can I change the filter and show only runs or rides?

I ask because before mid 2020 i was mostly a runner… then decided to take cycling more seriouly and gave the TR a chance.

On running I follow a strict pyramid plan, while on cycling I was following whatever TR was giving me or SS (depending where i was last year).

On the site it show me always hitting pyramidal. But not sure if thats correct for cycling…

thanks in advance…


nevermin… i found the filters…

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