Let's reveal our one year fitness chart

Could be fun to see each other’s one year fitness chart and maybe get some tips and tricks on the way.

Here’s from intervals.icu

And from strava. Finds its easier to see improvements in strava with the %.


Same period… different charts…

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Had a really lazy off season :wink:

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Quit a big difference. I wonder how it can be such a gap? @davidtinker, could you pls answer that?

But awesome comeback :facepunch:

But when you were green you were like hulken. Have noticed since I starting riding more, I need more TSS to get into the green zone.
I wonder if you have like a one or two weeks off bike, do you lower you’re demand for high TSS to get into optimal zone? If you have any thoughts

@Stickan1 The section where it is all in green is where I started for the first time in my life to do real structured training. Started it of this year, only dip is the grayed out area where I caught an infection and essentially had to be off the bike for a week and missed some important workouts.

I do try to be as consistent as possible, strictly sticking to the plan. Nothing more nothing less. A good diet and an adequate amount of carbs helps nail each workout.

But then again I might just be a person who’s adaptations fully match the algorithm, which doesn’t mean that someone who is not in the ‘green’ is not making as good/or better adaptations than myself. Not sure, would need to ask someone with more knowledge on such things :slight_smile: @davidtinker ?

Strava fitness charts are completely worthless, they recalculate each time you change your ftp


Ahh didn’t know that @redlude97 Maybe that’s why my fitness have changed from time to time, but didn’t linked it to changed ftp,just thought it was some kind of update.
Luckely I found intervals.icu then. Used TP before just for the PMC.

you can clearly see that I bought my first indoortrainer in December :joy:
I’m already curious how this chart will look like in a few month after all the lock down training



Way more training, but burned out by the time race season in the fall started

Slower ramp, more sustainable, didn’t peak has high but was able to maintain fitness deeper into the season

2020: Hoping to combine the two by being more prudent with my riding, less junk miles, end up somewhere balanced physically/mentally after riding lots all summer


Green means your CTL (fitness) is going up because you are increasing training load (TSS). However TSS has limitations. You can get high TSS just from doing long endurance rides. However doing a bit less volume and adding interval sessions for intensity will likely make you stronger in the races, even though CTL will stop going up (grey zone) or even decline.


Sick/injured 3 times in the last year. Makes a nasty dent in the chart! I don’t follow a plan, I just take it day by day. But I do try to have some structure. I try for 2 hard sessions a week (out of 4 or 5) with one of those nasty Vo2 max and the other threshold climbing typically. I hate riding sweet spot so I don’t do that (its much nicer to ride threshold and up and I cycle for fun and stress relief!).

I have lost 4kg or so in the last few months and that hurts training, my FTP would probably have been 10-15w higher otherwise. My w/kg ended up slightly lower but now that I have got rid of the weight I just have to keep it off and I will get the power back and be in a much better spot.

We are going into 21 days of lockdown here from tonight which isn’t going to help. Not allowed out your house, not even to walk the dog. I have a dumb trainer that I have used 3 times 10 years ago that I just dusted off. I might manage to do some of that.

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Getting sick makes such a colorful dent.


Family holiday in late July. 2020 has been my most consistent period of training, powers all up, long may it continue!

Nice thread idea.

Tbh the absolute number of fitness on Strava I don’t quite understand, but anyway here’s mine

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That’s some real beautiful hills :mountain:
Nice raise…
Do you plan anything? Was thinking about even raise, and much time in green zone

Congratz to your lost weight @davidtinker, even if they weren’t planned. As you said, when you get back the power back you will be happy about the weight lost.
Sry about the lock down, hope all this will be over soon. Here in Sweden we ain’t got that hard rules… Yet…

Don’t know if you’re a trainerroader, but if you aren’t and you gonna dust off your dumb trainer I got free month to share…

Stay well

Nice improvements @admigo about the numbers. The higher the fitness, the faster you are. That’s all you need to know :grin::grin::grin:

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Of course being strava stats I have no idea what they mean because these numbers don’t really correlate with TSS or anything else. My fitness level apparently has consistently gone down after I stopped riding outside and reverted back to indoor training, makes 0 sense. The big spike in the middle was my last 2019 outdoor ride, even though my FTP has increased since then. I can’t make sense of these numbers to save my life

Hmm. Have you done your outdoor rides with heart rate monitor @Cleanneon98? Cause on your desktop you can choose to calculate with power meter or heart rate (relative effort) or booth. And depending on what you choose the numbers can look different.