Thoughts on data breakdown

If both the activity and planned workout or race have training load (TSS) then its the training load of the activity * 100 / training load of workout. Otherwise it does the same with moving (or elapsed) time vs the planned time.

It actually slightly more complicated as there may be several activities and workouts of the same type (Ride, Run etc.) on the same day. In that case it adds everything up and gives all activities of that type the same percentage. This is for the case where people log warmup and cooldown as separate activities.

What I meant is a data field legend for an individual activity summary. For example with this activity:Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 1.15.43 PM

It would be nice if the field name was listed on the left side above Power, Heartrate and Cadence. For this activity, it would be

Avg Power
Avg HR
Max HR
Avg Cadence

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Idea for the heart rate site of a workout:
Could you show a graph with x axis being HR (min to max) and y axis being time at or above the according HR given by x?

Example: Polarized training…after your VO2max session with a lot of intervals you could easily read the exact time spent above for example 90% HRpeak.

Would be more detailed than just the time in zone bars…makes sense?

Good idea, HR curves like power curves are on the todo list.


I came on to request similar - That would work well as a ‘tooltip’ type thing that appeared when you hover over the value and leave more real estate on the page. For short intervals the space is already compromised.

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I saw the new HR curve you mentioned here:

Great work! Seems like it’s showing max time above HR isolated around intervals but not accumulated over the whole workout as I intended above (sorry I was not clear on that)…wouldn’t that have more value?

Aha. So I need to do a HR histogram like for power with 5 bpm buckets?

I get it now. Not a histogram but bpm on x-axis (high to low) and accumulated time on y-axis. That would be useful.

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Would it be easy to make some sort of chart tracking cadence vs heart rate? Perhaps it only makes sense to display the ratio of a lower cadence and lower HR vs a higher one, as clearly at different power outputs the actual HR is going to be very different!

Awesome site by the way, great work @davidtinker

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Nothing productive to add, other than to offer a massive thanks for a great site!!!


I have considered adding cadence and temp to the decoupling chart as both of those influence HR. That might provide the info you are after. Anyway I have added this to the todo list. Tx.


Yes! (Or bpm on x-axis from low to high…so that you start with lowest HR on x and workout duration on y and have a falling curve. Either way would be pretty awesome.)

First shot at this is live. I still want to put HR zones on it, but its working and useful.


Thanks a lot and big compliment to your superhero quick coding skills (IT guy myself) :+1::pray:!

I think this is pure gold especially for VO2max session assessment! I wish TR would have this (@Nate_Pearson I know you’re not into HR and don’t want to bother you / have nearly given up on HR on TR :tired_face:…but just have a quick look at that graph above for total time accumulated at or above HR for a workout…and then tell me it’s not nice :wink:?)


That looks great thank you!

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@davidtinker Hi David, I keep seeing a message saying a new version is available. I click OK but what else do I need to do?


@davidtinker This is a great site, and it’s quickly become my go-to homepage for my training. I’m really excited to see where it goes. Really like being able to see the fitness / form metrics and the power curves.

My favorite aspect is the aerobic decoupling metric. I wonder if it would be able to calculate a “decoupling rate per hour” metric and even put an option to put that in the calendar-level view of workouts. Or maybe, have a combined graph that overlays the power/hr vs. time graph for selected rides. The reason I’m asking for this is it would be useful to be able to compare decoupling for my endurance rides over a season to track progress for my aerobic fitness.

Other feature requests:

  • Heart rate monitor drop detection, and interpolate for missing data
  • Ability to choose when to correct power spikes (i.e. indicate “looks like there is a power spike at this point, do you want to correct it?”)
  • Custom timeline on the calendar view
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Hi @davidtinker.
There’s a bug on manually added entries, they are only shown on calendar view and not list view.
Thanks for the great app !

Just clicking OK is enough. I need to do something about that as it confuses a lot of people.

Tx. Adding calendar entries to the list view is on the todo list.