The Tim Ferriss podcast and purchases for under $100 that you love

Does anyone else listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast? I do occasionally while on my bike or on my way to work. He does this spot with his guests where he asks them about a purchase they’ve made for under $100 that they love or something like that.

I thought it might be a fun thing to talk about here. Find out what inexpensive or budget gems other people use that maybe I’d like. I’ve been looking recently at videos on youtube about budget chinese groupsets or wheels or frames that are surprisingly high quality and it has me thinking about gear that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So let me know what products you like for $100 or less that are amazing. I did a post on my blog about it if you want to know what mine are.



Didn’t think I would like it so much as a roadie, but my Lumiere bar bag is key for my long solo rides. When I get my next one, I’m going with bright yellow for added visibility. Teammate has one and you can see him coming from a mile away. I think these are great bags at a good price.

The Silca Tattico mini pump is the best I’ve used, it’s under $100 but I would hardly call it budget.

Other stuff:
KOM sealant injector
Does Orange Seal count? It’s under $100. :joy:

The best budget savings I’m getting these days is using the home brew sports drink recommended by @Dr_Alex_Harrison along with my own home brew recovery drink. Haven’t bought a commercial product in months and saving “huge” $$.


link? details?

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I recently snagged some Le Col Hors Categorie bibs for £95. Half price! Super duper comfy.

Bring on tomorrow’s 4hr trainer ride.

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How are people getting 100g carbs in a bottle thread

That’s the first post of his with links.

Here’s his blog on it:

One of his slow twitch posts has the baseline recipe. I’m a beta user of his app and have gotten good at my own mixes. For 4 hours or less, I just carry that one bottle and water. Once i am up to 5 hours I supplement with gas station trash.

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I agree with you on the Nanoflex warmers. They’re one of my favorite pieces of kit.

I really like the Arundel left entry bottle cages so I can drink with my left hand and keep my right hand on the rear brake (I suppose this reverses in some countries). I’ve used them for years and never had a bottle pop out.

Lasko carpet dryer fans because they blow a ton of air.

Rapha Lightweight socks. They are a little short for me for on the road, but they are perfect for the trainer. My feet never get hot, they never bunch up, and they aren’t overly tight. I own many pairs, and I like to use the olive ones for those hard days I’m dreading. I call them my “battle socks”. If you live near a Rapha store, you can get a discount when you buy 3 pairs of socks.

Ooh! My wife really wants a bar bag. This’d be great for her birthday next month! Thanks!

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I’d love some Le Col bibs!

Le Cols’ HC bibs are also my favorites. I have two of their pro team and one HC… wish I had gone the other way. HC bibs are the best long ride bibs I own.

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I love my chain wear checking tool. Think it cost about £2 from Wiggle and has saved me a fortune on new cassettes

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What size knee warmers did you choose (and what’s your height/weight)? Thanks!

I’m 6’3" and 200lbs. I think I got a large.

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Ooh, this is fun! A few from me -

Vacmaster Cardio fan. Amazing and has made training at high intensities so much more manageable (I won’t say easier!)

Exposure Link Plus helmet light. Has made riding in urban areas a ton safer and makes me feel more likely to be seen.

Latex tubes. Total convert. Way easier than tubeless and I think they have better road feel too.

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Have not listened to the Ferriss podcast, but great topic!

The best under $100 purchase this year has been S-Works RapidAir tires in 30c, err, well that is only 1 tire. But still. Love 'em.

Silca presta chuck for $35. Over the years I’ve received free pumps from neighbors, and I put this on and it transforms a cheap pump into something decent.

Ceramic Speed UFO Lube for $45 - @csyversen mentioned Silca Super Secret drip lubs below and I came back and edited my list. Use it once a week, its great.

Runner up if I had a 25% discount - a floor pump (Specialized Air Tool Pro). After my hand me down pump finally died, I had actually purchased a Bontrager Dual Charger for under $75. But it was a buzz kill, I hated it. Walked into another bike shop, tried the Air Tool Pro, and that has been absolutely fantastic even without my Silca presto chuck I had on the old pump. Paid $130 and its a joy, worth every penny, and I use it 4-5 times a week.

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My job before I started coaching FT gave me a $150 Amazon gift card for Christmas, so my Craftsman pancake air compressor was free. Does that count? Because I also love it. Tubeless setup is a snap, refilling tires on the cars without paying $ or using a bike pump, also blowing out the garage is way more fun than sweeping it.

Specialized only offers 15% discounts for signing up to email list, and I already used that on wheels this year. Although I did have a $50 gift card so it was out-the-door under $100, like your pancake air compressor :smile: BTW prices of Porter Cable C2002 pancake compressor have gone up a lot since buying mine in 2017 :slightly_frowning_face:

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Spurcycle bell…best damn $50 you’ll ever spend.


I really like the Goodr sunglasses- work well for cycling and running, and unlike most cycling brands they don’t look wildly out of place for everyday wear.

The neopro stuff is also great too- haven’t tried their bibs and I imagine that would be a little more personal, but their jerseys are the best quality I’ve found at that price point, and I prefer the fit to most of the entry-level jerseys from other brands.

Also cheap local races > branded events. IM are yet to provide me anything that beats a post-race pancake breakfast with my buddies after I turn up 3 minutes before the start gun and get destroyed by a bunch of 16 year olds. :sunglasses:


trekz bone conduction headphones. I had some of the <$100 ones but recently upgraded to the $180 airs. Game changer if you ride/run outside a lot in urban settings.