Freshen (replace) Up the Pads

Hi all,

The podcast is brilliant and keeps me thoroughly entertained and intrigued with topics that I may have considered and new things that help me to understand my body, mind and cycling better. 5* each week. Love the variety too.

Riding all my life but longer distances since training and racing and podiuming at endurance XC stuff this year. However, after two races I have come away with serious saddle rub, not on the underside but on the rear (kind of where you expect the chamois to meet the shorts).

So, how often do you replace a pair of padded shorts/bibs/leggings. Is it a distance, time in saddle, feeling thing?

I don’t have the resources to replace too regularly but equally understand the importance.

Any top tips of great value, comfortable padded shorts?

Additionally, I tried to be environmentally friendly buying a material without any woven plastic/elastic etc but they do not stretch at all when the legs get pumped and cause serious restriction in pedalling once blood is flowing so any environmental options people have tried that work?

Thank you in advance for your responses,

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