The Tim Ferris podcast and purchases for under $100 that you love - GRAVEL Edition

As mentioned in my last post on this, on his podcast Tim Ferris asks his guests at the end about like 3 productes they got for under $100 that they really love. My last post about this generated some really fun conversation and ideas. I thought it’d be fun to do a Gravel Edition. I jotted down a few ideas and pictures on my blog. I’d love to see everyone else’s stuff they love.

I was inspired to get the new shifters and derailleur by posts here on Trainer Road. So far I’m really liking them.

Tell me about your stuff!

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Those Tifosi glasses are legit. I bought a pair of Tifosi Swanks to replace my Oakley Frogskins. For nearly a quarter of the price I can’t tell the difference.

As for my three gravel products:.

  1. ONR I keep a spray bottle of this in my garage. Easy to clean the dust and mud off my bike, shows, helmet. Whatever.

  2. Steripen UV Water Treatment Good for overnights or long rides to clean questionable water. I live pretty rurally so even a regular ride I won’t come across many stores if I need extra water. A ditch is fine with me.

  3. Soundcore P3 Great sounding and well-priced noise-cancelling headphones. Keeps the wind noise out of my ears, keeps some music in my ears, and I can connect to the Varia app so I can have my radar in my ears too. Battery lasts for 8 hours.


Good thinking on the Steripen!

Ortlieb Quick Mount Rack