The bike bag thread

The conversation on this week’s podcast about saddle bags - specifically the “Princess and the Pea” assertion by @Jonathan that he could feel 100 grams hidden under his seat - got me thinking…

It made me realize that while I am a fan of all sorts of bike bags for storage, I’m really finicky about the bags I actually do use … and much like my fussiness over bar tape, I’ve cycled through a bunch of them over the years, and currently use several different bags depending on the application.

I’ve also spent many an hour on the internet searching for the perfect bag … so I thought I’d share my favorites below. Please add to this list if you want and we can maybe crowdsource a solution for someone.

My go-to bag for road riding:

Bag for gravel riding (cleans off easily)

Extra storage for my everyday errand/commuter bike:

One-handed top tube bag for racing where I need quick/extra access to gels:

And, finally … my COVID-era bag. I wanted extra storage for long rides so I didn’t have to stop for food, etc., and could carry it with me.

Good luck🤘


Did Silca redesign the seat roll? It looks a bit different. I had one a few years ago and I was kinda unimpressed. It was too small to fit what I consider the basics (multitool, tube, CO2 and levers) and was a pain to roll up. Went back to the standard zip up style bag.

I’ve got such mixed feeling about Silca, while they clearly make quality products most of them seem over designed for no good reason. Prices reflect that too…

Yeah they did - I have the old model as well. I ride tubeless, and I agree it’s a bit overstuffed with a full tube in there. But I just keep a dynaplug in there with a multi tool, co2, etc., and it works perfectly and sits really tight to the seat.

Word. It was better if you used a latex tube as your spare, but was still kind of a pain to roll up. Back to a zipper bag, as well.

Ive not cycled with a bag for two years. Before that I used a compact Scion one, a fizik integrated one and multiple sized Topeak ones. I like something that has a quick release so I can take it with me. I think the Scion one had the best mount.

I have just used this top frame bag for my century. It fit all my 10 (!!) 30g carbs bars, so effectively 5 hours worth of food for me. I could even eat biscuits and wine gums out of it while riding. Waterproof (for my purposes anyway), easy zipper, not too heavy (150g).

I also bought this larger frame bag, but I am not sure whether I will keep it:


I’d probably use a seat bag but the clinking and jangling makes me crazy—subliminally it feels like the bike is coming apart. Any strategies to mitigate that?

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It is all in the positioning of the tools in the bag w/ the tube, etc. try and store tools on opposite ends of the tube than the CO2 canister etc.