The Sleep Solution by Dr. Chris Winter

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Just want to give a shout to for this book. I had avoided it because some people said the advice is to just accept that you don’t sleep well and live with it, and that the book doesn’t actually give you any solution to poor sleep. After finishing the book in a day I can say that those reviews are far from the truth. The best advice I can give, from this book, is for people to say “I sleep”.

It seems like this book is the answer to “Why We Sleep” by Dr. Matthew Walker, which literally scared the sleep out of me. Every second I was awake in bed I felt like I was hurting myself, it made me so anxious that I literally couldn’t sleep! In the end, I felt like I had to try every single sleep aid out there to maximize my recovery.

Anyhow, just a wonderful book and I’m really glad I ready “The Sleep Solution”.

EDIT: I should also mention that I thoroughly enjoyed “Why We Sleep” too, my post made it sound like I didn’t like/agree with the book. I’ve always abused sleep, especially while I was younger, by sleeping late and waking early. I’m an early riser so I can get up at dawn very easily despite going to bed late.

However, “Why We Sleep” educated me on the importance of sleep and how much effect it has, not only on physical recovery, but also on long term health implications. I do, however, remember that the book assigns a lot of health risks to not sleeping well without offering advice on how to approach sleep; that’s why I feel like “The Sleep Solution” is like the other half to “Why We Sleep”.


I read them both and found them complementary - one with lots more science / technology stuff and the other with more practical stuff and minimum dosage of science/tech stuff. I’d recommend each one to different people depending on their personality.

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Sleep solution is gold, I’ve recommended it several times here and given it to a few friends too.

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