The Podcast - Too much biology?

I also LOVE the deep dives and often listen multiple times. Oddly, as a triathlete, the race tactics really don’t apply to me, but I enjoy them also as I always pick up something of value. We all find jewels and some things that don’t pertain to each of us. The deep dives have really helped me as a very long time triathlete who has seen the various trends, nutritional products galore, and training methods. I’m also a certified coach so having real studies instead of anecdotes to refer to is huge for both potential clients as well as myself. Keep it up guys!


I’ve been along for the ride and have listened to all episodes, I couldn’t be much happier with how it has evolved. Recently there has been more deep dives on physiology and understanding what is going on inside, certainly helps me picture whats happening while toiling away through workouts.

All that said, I have deep science background with a doctoral degree. I’ve discussed the recent content with a few fellow cyclists who do not have a deep science background. I’ve consistently heard, “man, I wish I could go back to school to learn more of that stuff”.

I can understand OPs sentiment, although I personally can’t get enough of the current content.


Williams brothers? Chloe Dygert? No way they are not using TR!

TR use is not a prerequisite for being a guest on the show.

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Podcast is great! Enjoy the variety.
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Dear Chad,

Thanks for taking the little fun I was having by being a smart ass out of my day. Sheesh! :slight_smile:

I’d imagine being fast isn’t either. I heard you And I will be a guest next week! Ha!

Have a good Saturday. I appreciate your replies.

Don’t mind a variety of topics, but here’s my constructive feedback: Use shorter answers – maybe a max of 10 minutes per topic. I zone out when the conversation feels like it is drifting.


No requirement that I know of, that’s up to them. But they have picked apart the main full length podcast into topics and grouped them for watching.

True, I only recently checked it out on YouTube as usually I listen the podcast. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lots of good info and I do like getting into details!

Actually, all podcasts should be 22 minutes to match my commute time. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True, but according to this incomplete and non-scientific thread, the vast majority of TR users are currently non-racing US/EU population. Talking racing now would be going from one niche audience to another niche audience. Neither company nor consumer is going to win 100% of the time.

I consider the scientific deep dives as one of the usp’s of the podcast. Has given me numerous interesting insights.


I disagree.

I listen to this podcast BECAUSE it goes into depth. If they were only glossing over things, I wouldn’t be learning the deep science. That is the part I’m interested in. Without it, topics would just be like marketing fluff instead of seeking the actual data and doing a thorough review.

Keep it complicated please


Totally disagree, I love how Chad dumbs things down.


The physiology deep dives are what make it worth the listen


I love Chad’s deep dives. I feel like I’m learning something while being entertained. I’ve listened to several of the deep dives multiple times. Great information. I really appreciate the time and research that Chad puts into it.


Some people like the science, others are confused by it/don’t need/want to know.
It would be hard to satisfy everyone’s tastes. It’s not like the deep dives are normally particularly long - I mean there’s plenty of podcasts dedicating whole shows to a single topic.

My only gripe with the deep dives is that sometimes they go down a rabbit hole for 20mins and then never go back to answer the original question.


This sport is 99% about O2 moving and utilization. Sorta makes sense the focus is biased towards biology/physiology.


I’m very much for the deep dives into biology continuing, of course I understand everyone has their own opinion - I used to tune out through certain topics also in the past, but i’ve found myself re-listening to those episodes to learn more as I grow as a cyclist, try new things in the sport, etc.

There are times where the deep dive simply goes too deep for me, I listen, but having not done the research the subject matter is way over my head in the moment. Later on however, I digest some of what was said, re-listen, or do some research on my own and more times than not I gain knowledge from it.

Regarding the ‘more talk about plans’ - there’s so much on all of that already, the old episodes are a wealth of information and I’d wager that at some point in your cycling career the biology deep dives might also become valuable information that you search back through.


The deep dives get fast forwarded most of the time for me. Sounds mostly like Chad is just reading notes (which of course he is). I just switch off as it rarely contains information that relates and is interesting to me. Seems like ages ago that they were doing those great stage races and leadville reports and learnings.

I love it all. The biology is really interesting even if it doesn’t always pertain to me. Only thing I wish they covered a bit more is about the future roadmap and plans with TR. I understand why things need to be hush hush but I enjoy seeing this forum spitball ideas when little sneak peeks get shared on the podcast.