The new calendar feature kills the current training plan?

I hear you on this. There’s a group of people who don’t want to plan, they just want to train. We’re working on features to do just that.

I just told the team to write an update so it’s easier to migrate your old plan and you see the prompt for longer.

I think you will like what we have coming out next. It’s for people who just want to be told what to do to become as fast as possible without having to think.


Okay, we’ve got engineers/designers working on it now. We plan on having this update out today.


Hi guys, bet you never expected this much of a negative reaction to the calendar feature, or maybe you did?

Some teething problems as always expected with a new feature but overall it didn’t prevent or really stop me from doing the workout I was supposed to this morning.

I’m playing around adding in my swim and run workouts…is there anyway to copy these or create standard ones so I don’t have to manually enter the entire thing in every time? With 3-4 workouts of each planned every week its means I have to manually add 6-8 workouts every week. Over 14 weeks left until my race that would take me forever


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Amazing follow up! I’m impressed.

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I appreciate the prompt and informative reply, Nate.

I understand how tricky it can be to meet differing requirements within a user-base. The previous ‘scheduling’ approach suited one cohort; the new suits another very well indeed; I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep us all happy :slight_smile:

Best regards.

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That’s in our upcoming features, read more here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features! - #2 by dr3do


Thanks Nate. Awesome stuff

How long until the Calendar feature is properly added to Mac? My Plan is now missing from the app, I have to go to the online page, figure out what ride I should be doing, then come back to the app and search for the ride manually. A lot less convenient for right now.


I know and I’m sorry. I don’t have an eta but it’s a top priority.

Ok. Is there any option to rollback a version until this is available?

No, I’m sorry :frowning:.

agree 100%. I thought it was just me. I don’t want to have to manage the calendar in two places. The old scheme worked just fine.

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You’ve taken an app that allowed me to get on my bike and ride to one where I have to use an app that doesn’t sync with a web calendar. This must be one of the worst updates to a piece of software I’v ever encountered.


Yeah… The Mac support really needs addressing.

Problem is for new users there’s no obvious connection between starting a plan & then following it. For current users it’s souring the experience of the new calendar.

Could I suggest that you add a quick update that simply displays the current calendar (only editable online)? This way we can select/start rides, without having to go figure out what ride we should be doing next & finding some way to load it.


I’m sure this has added massively increased functionality but I’m really unimpressed. You guys have dropped the ball with this.

Like others I work erratic hours and train regularly but not at fixed times/days. Know what plan you’re on based on your goal, open app, click on next workout, cycle, done…

Come home tonight looking forward to training. Open app and select update as is normal every few weeks and everything is gone, the interface is different and I need to open additional windows. Ended up bewildered and gave up on training and now have pent up energy and am grumpy!

Why was this released on Mac when it wasn’t ready?
Why did you change something that worked so well and was so simple to navigate and use?
Why do I need to open something outside the app? What is then the point of the app?
Why can’t I just get on my bike and ride like I used to?

Can you release the previous version of the App so we can just go back to how it was? By all means add the calendar once it is properly Mac compatible so people can explore it’s functionality and gradually use what it offers. Don’t ruin everyones experience of your normally amazing package. I just want to ride my bike! It shouldn’t be this hard.


I’m in the same boat as the rest of you. Mac user, went to load up my next workout and it is gone. Why release and force an update that isn’t ready yet?!? Went to the online calendar and dismissed the one-time-only prompt and had to search how to add the plan manually. Now - do I have to search for my next workout in the app and hope it completes correctly in my plan? Plus, why all the run and swim workouts in my plan? I train for long-distance triathlon but only follow the bike part on TrainerRoad, the rest I work out myself. Now this new calendar I’m being forced to use has all this clutter on it. Really unimpressed with this change to what has been a brilliant platform to date.

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Hi Nate, I hope this update isn’t effecting your training :smile: Like lots of others I like the flexibility which was in the old version, plus it was nice and simple. It would be good if we could flick between the old version and new version functionality in the next release. Or alternatively On the plan page that still shows which plan is active, so would it be possible to let this show our training and progress against the plan.

Keep up the good work and make sure you get your training in.


Just re-added my plan, and it was relatively easy…quite intuitive actually! Only thing I missed the first time I tried was I left the end date as the default from the dialogue box, instead of selecting it for myself, like I did for the start date.

Perhaps since the training plans are a known amount of weeks, the end date should default to selected start week plus 8 wks, then if people want to change things, they can by moving it around in the calendar.

Hopefully this feature can eventually get up to a level similar to Training Peaks, and by that I mean more metrics, or more specifically, metrics that can be presented in a tidier/easier fashion than currently…TPeaks allows you to show just the numbers in a table, rather than a graph, and with monthly histories so you can see you are improving, or what aspect is lagging others, eg. 30sec peak Watts is not increasing at the same rate compared to other time periods (1, 5, 10, 1min, 5min etc).

Then Coach Chadbot can give you some workout suggestions based off that???

Otherwise, thanks for the great software and training plans, Nate, Jonathan, Chad and Team! :+1: No need to hold the five-star rating hostage on this one @Jonathan

Upward & onward! :slight_smile:

also assigning an outside ride to an indoor event has dissapeared