The Last of a Dying Breed! Lets see your Rim Brake Ride!

Kinesis racelight - rides great
2003 TCR awesome bike can be built down to 6.3 kg still good 20 years later

I do have a gravel bike and I’m not sure why !


I’m not sure why the previous owner was selling it for the price they were but I was happy to be the beneficiary! Certified genuine frame (my LBS is a Cipollini dealer) and the groupset is 100%. Swapped the Zipp 404s out for my Bora’s and put the 404s on my wife’s Cipollini Bond.


She’s my old school baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




That front mech hanger is weighing you down.

What is that frame? Weight?

Supersix himod evo. Total bike weight is 4.875kg in this configuration. For other hillclimbs I have different serious, including a 2x setup in the front so I gotta keep the front hanger haha


The current stable. Slowly the pack are being swapped for disc bikes. I don’t want to do it but parts are hard to find.

The Trek is a custom painted Emonda ALR that weighs about 7.2kgs. Amazing climber.


Lovely! I had a set of Chorus rim brakes that made it onto several frames — they worked so well!

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The Canyon had a respray, still such a great bike to ride, I hope I never need to replace with a disc brake bike.


Sorry for digging this up but what seat post are you running? I’ve been searching for alternative ones for my S5 for months now.

Do you happen to know what seat post he is running on this? I’ve been searching for alternative ones for my S5 for months now.

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He actually snagged a Chinese one from eBay as the bike originally had that unique thin offset one.

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