Santa Cruz Blur TR or Specialized Epic Evo

Hi there,

i will be pulling the trigger on one of these bikes in the next month i hope. both in the cheapest build

Having a hard time deciding.

I have checked all the geo / specs / BUT only test-ridden the SC Blur TR at present in M whereas the Specialized will be in L.

i’d love to race XC or XCM but my work doens’t allow for much time off - so the use will mostly be fast times on local loops and segments.

Dirt and occasionally rocky Los Angeles is my terrain

I am a relative newbie so my primary concern is confidence in handling and descending.

I know it’s all personal but if anyone had any input who has ridden these models it would be hugely appreciated!


I ride a Blur TR, but in the previous (VPP) itteration. I LOVE it!
It may be a body proportion issue, but I find that I can ride a L spec, but in SC I need an XL, so I’d make sure to do your best to at least do a test ride on an epic in a L and M.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the big red “S”. Warranty and aftermarket support may not be an issue for you, depending on how long you keep your bikes, but SC’s warranty and the free pivot bearings for life keep me coming back.

You can’t really go wrong either way as long as the bike fits you.

great thoughts!

i did ride a L in the SC blur TR and enjoyed - i rode a M and honestly could gave gone either way - but tempted by the geo on the smaller M size and the slight weight benefit that might come with although i could be mistaken there?

do you find the bike climbs well technically - as i find that very hard on my current (v heavy) hardtail!

the after market detail about SC is really valued thank you - any other thoughts are most welcome no detail too small !

@sandilandscycles did you get a chance to ride an XC or just the TR?

They are both great bikes and very close on the geometry chart. The warranty was a major factor in buying a Blur over anything else.

I was fortunate enough to ride both a M and L and went with the M. I’m 5’9" w/30" inseam. According to the Santa Cruz size chart, I’m in between the sizes. I felt I was able to be more active on the bike with body position on the M. Also, my seat post collar is about 1" above the seat post clamp. I don’t know if I would have been able to get the seat post low enough (with the dropper at full extension) on the Large.

My previous bike was a very traditional geometry XC aluminum hardtail as well. For me and where I ride, the Blur is better in every way. I thought about turning the old hardtail into a single speed, but I doubt I will ever ride it again.

I have the last model SC Blur and I love it. I ride an XL. I was in the same boat as you with working a lot so I wanted something that would be quick on the local mtb loop near the house. Both bikes are really nice but if you don’t have as much time maybe the SC is better so you don’t have to take time off to service the BRAIN which could take longer than servicing the SC’s shock and fork. Just a thought. They’re both nice bikes.

The EVO Epic bikes do not get the Brain shocks on the latest gen models. So that is not a concern for this comparison.

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Ah, reading comprehension. Didn’t realize it was the EVO.

I just bought a Stumpie EVO and I love it. Not an Epic EVO but build quality matches the SC in every way.

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Tough call. I’ve got the Epic Evo and love it, but the Blur TR is awesome as well. I looked into both but the Blur wasn’t available in my size at the time so I went with the Evo.

They are so similar I really don’t think you can go wrong either way. Maybe pick which frame color you like best?


I find Pinkbike’s reviews to be among the best. Keep in mind these reviews are probably for the higher end specs.


I have the base level 2022 Blur xc. Compared to my previous Neuron Trail bike this is at least as capable on gnarly terrain and no real comparison on the climbing and speed, the bike just wants to go FAST. Can’t compare to the Epic Evo, it was on my short list also but wanted a pure XC bike and didn’t want to pay for the Brain.

You can definitely race XC with either, but I will say the Blur TR is still very much an XC bike while the Epic Evo is probably “down country”…

With the xc 100mm, it’s very efficient and no real need to use lockout at all unless on pavement or very smooth climbs. I would also consider the XC version if available.

I ride a Large and I am 5’11".


Take a serious look at the SC Tallboy.

I have an Epic Pro (X01 AXS, non evo) and an SC Nomad CC X01. Two opposite ends of the spectrum. My climbing PRs on a favorite local segment in Aliso Viejo are 4:51 on the Epic and 5:11 on the Nomad.

This would be a huge difference in an multi-lap XC race where the time gaps would keep adding up, but for segment chasing, a much smaller gap than one might guess.

A Tallboy would give you the descending confidence you need, and its climbing ability is probably closer to that of the Epic than the Nomad.

Hey - thanks!

i test rode the XC also - but did feel a little less secure in a M on the XC model due to head tube angle… the TR with the slacker angle felt nicer - but maybe a L XC could be a good call.

the epic evo is slacker still … but have not had a chance to ride as yet

good to hear your thoughts … can i confirm you have the blur xc not TR ?

very interesting will have a look - really appreciated !

thank you! yes i have already watched these vids close to 20x each haha!

but appreciate your help !

both but in a M the xc felt a little aggressive compared to what i am accustomed to (my HT is 67.5 HT º)

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I have the XC

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That was my take away too, but I prefer that and thus landed on a 22’ Blur XC S. The Tallboy recommendation above is interesting too. I also rode that, but knew ultimately I would be racing, despite my local trails being pretty damn tech. I live in Northern New Jersey where the terrain is very rocky with lots of punchy steep climbs. I’m still very happy with my choice and have a lot of development to come after a near 2 decade hiatus from MTB. The Blur is a rocket, it just wants to go fast and tracks so damn well.

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