The Last of a Dying Breed! Lets see your Rim Brake Ride!

Hey TR Gang!

I decided to build a new bike for 2020, I ended up building what I consider the last rim brake bike I will ever build.

I wanted to try specialized out as I had not had the brand before but found that the S-works only came in Disc brakes and for the sake of argument I did not like any of the paint schemes of the current offerings. I settled on building a bike from the Ground up and landed on a Specialized Tarmac Pro Frame

I wanted to share the bike with my TR gang just because its that time of year where I want to get out and ride (I love my indoor program though)!

Specifications on bike:

Frame - Specialized Pro (56cm)
Group-set - Full Dura-Ace (I battled with going to the new AXS but hated its look)
Wheelset - CLX 50 or Enve 7.8 (depending on my feeling)
Saddle - Specialized Power Elaston
bottle cages - Elite Carbon
Stem - Specialized S-works
Handlebars - S-works Aerofly
Skewers - Tri-rig Styx
Pedals - Garmin Vector 3
Computer Mount - Specialized Venge hybrid
Computer - Garmin 530
Fit (most important IMO) - I had a Fantastic Retul fit by Brad Fennema of A1 Cycle Center (And I mean amazing, I had 3 bikes done, Tri/Cross/Road).

The bike came out to be 16.0lbs with the Enve 7.8 on it - I imagine with the CLX 50’s it will be right at 15.15-15.25lbs!

Thanks for looking!



Mine’s the pink one. Basically same as yours!


You really shouldn’t use portrait mode for bikes, the fake DOF ruins it


How’d you get the Barfly computer mount on the SL stem?

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Disc brakes are super unnecessary on road bikes. Nice build


I like that color! I’m not so sure I could have pulled it off though, I also like the campy on it!

Do you have more specs?


Pretty sweet right?!?!?

You have to convince your LBS to order a venge stem repair front cap and also a barfly computer mount. The front cap then simply bolts to the s-works stem.

My local shop is awesome if you want to call them and order it and mail it to you (A1 Cycle Center in Indiana)

I love looking at bike pjorn in the morning.

Nice ride…well done.

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Gorgeous bike! But rim brakes are one of the retrogrouch fetishes I just can’t wrap my brain around. I have a CAAD 12 with rim brakes that clocks in at just over 15lbs without pedals, and I always miss the comfort and responsiveness of my Synapse’s disc brakes, especially on ENVE wheels.

All the same, good on you for sticking with what you enjoy.

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Frame: Tarmac SL6
Wheels: ENVE Ses 4.5
Stem: ENVE road 100mm
Bars: ENVE aero road 40cm
Group set: Campagnolo Chorus 11spd (record Brakes because of direct mount)
Saddle: prologo dimension 143mm

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I agree!

I know the industry is going away from rim brake and I love my gravel bike with disc brakes, my wife has had a SL6 Expert for the last year with disc so I’ll eventually move that way I just wanted to build one last awesome rim brake bike!

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Nice whip!

My last bike was a Vapor Coat 7.9 with DA on it, I miss that bike it was stupid light and pretty dang stiff!


I thought about some Enve 4.5 but I really wanted to see what all the fuss was over the CLX wheels (local guys rave on them).

Nice build!!!

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Here is my Orbea Orca. I never do any crazy descending so I don’t really feel the need to upgrade to disc brakes. A lighter frame would be nice though.

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Yep I bought just a frame to get rim brakes on my last bike also.


Thank you! Sounds like you’re describing a Madone, this is actually an Emonda (they do look similar to older Madone) but is very similar to the old Madone as well, yet very compliant (mine is the 500OCLV SL, not the 700OCLV SLR). 7.5kg with cages, pedals, and Wahoo in a 54cm which isn’t terribly light, but then again it’s got Ultegra, deeper wheels than you’d usually find on a “climbing” bike, and the SLR frame would have saved like 300g. I love this bike though, numbers aside

Dying breed?

Rim brakes for life!

To be seriously upgraded in 2020!

More to follow!



That’s a great looking ride!!

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So you had a very similar idea too!! Nice ride!

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