Oh Oh Nate! new bike day?

Specialized has released the new 2019 Roubaix!

Faster than a tarmac and lighter than a Venge.

Time to sell the Venge with the Tarmac?

Info based on the cycling weekly video released today.

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cruel, but funny… but who buys a Specialized anyway ;-D


Are they really saying the Roubaix is faster than a Tarmac? I’ll watch the video tonight, but that’s curious to me.

Yes, they specifically say “more aerodynamic than the Tarmac SL6” which is “faster” in most people’s eyes.

I wonder where that leaves the Tarmac in their lineup. The Venge and the Roubaix both being more aero, the Allez being lighter… maybe there is something new coming for the Tarmac.

They will likely refine the Tarmac again to be even more aero and lighter than the current form. It is still a likely choice for the GC type of person that doesn’t want full aero Venge, and doesn’t want the weight or motion of the Roubaix.

I do agree, the Tarmac falls a bit in the middle and a person would struggle to justify it whether they had a Venge or Roubaix.

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Still laughing at Nate fully building up a lightweight Tarmac only to find it’s the same weight as his venge. :money_mouth_face:


Interesting reading into it a bit deeper. I don’t think this bike will replace the Tarmac or the Venge, rather move the Roubaix up to a similar stature for specific purpose. Specialized seem to move on a 4yr cycle, so I can’t see a new Tarmac coming out for a few years yet. This is especially so given how different the SL6 was to the outgoing version and how similar the Tarmac, Venge and Roubaix now look in terms of design.

I can see the Tarmac remaining as the GC bike of choice, Venge for sprint stages and Roubaix stepping up for the perfect choice for the one day classics/monuments.


That is exactly why I posted this! I loved how the guys were joking about this and making fun of the situation! Nate was the best sport about it and seemed to have fun with it. Amazing that they made this 14 seconds faster than the tarmac over a certain distance. AND ITS LIGHTER THAN THE VENGE.

Makes me sad I bought a carbon roubaix 2018 a couple months ago… But then I’m not fast and It was a great deal lol.

FatBoySlim: yeah, me too [end of December]. But I do see a good price hike… some consolation.

seems like they have not really sorted out the problem with the headset coming loose. just watched the cyclingtips review and although improved, the issue still exist.

no wonder the local specialized store was trying to clear the older roubaix a few months ago.

Anyone actually believe a fully built Roubaix is more aero than a fully built Tarmac?

New Roubaix looks class but the the future shock adds height and doesn’t pass the eyeball test.

The Tarmac is also a recent design which tested excellently in the latest Tour magazine, outclassing Cervelos new R5, so it’s not like the Tarmac is an older gen design.

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They say the bike is more aero, they don’t mention the rider being more aero.

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They talked about the headset and DID FIX THE ISSUE.

I am really fascinated by Specialized and other brands’ pricing and component strategy. If I had free time it would be interesting to map the prices vertically (e.g. Sworks and down) and horizontally (generation to generation) for each bike. Anecdotally, other than overall price inflation accelerating at a pretty good pace, I think they are increasingly relying on their ability to monetize their “innovative” components and perhaps adjusting pricing for target audience. Like the Venge is the most expensive frameset and the Diverge is the most expensive bike in the mid-tier build out, even though it uses the lowest level Carbon.

Overall though, bike prices are going crazy. I had thought that competition and the entrance of Canyon in the US might change it, but in reality Canyon has existed for years in Europe and elsewhere and they are still climbing.

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Gotta buy Giant if you want any value.

Yeah, the lower height versions might be ok aero wise but I think I’d have a pretty hard time being aero at the stack heights listed for most of the versions.

Or just wait for past model rear clearance. 34% off on a carbon roubaix is hard to pass on

Even theyre rising at an alarming rate!

Just saw Bikeradars take on the bike. They had an s-works model, sram axs build. Guess how much it came to with pedals etc? 8kg (size 58). Quickstep built one up, dura di2, 7.5kg (no peds). True, weight dont matter so much.

But…the average guy is going to buy the lower model, for say $5,000. It’s going to weigh 10kg. That’s not on!!!