Crit/Road race frame choices

This will be my first year racing, and my first year with TR. If theres any racing to be had… :frowning: I am considering a second bike. What I have come up with is a short list of bikes I was looking for opinions on.
Right now I am on a 54 Tarmac SL7. I am 5’9" with a 33 inseam.

My choices atm are a Specialized Allez frame in 56. I cant seem to find a 54 atm so this is the only Allez available. I was on a 56 SuperSix prior. 56 works if I slam the stem and run no setback on the post. I have read the seatpost slip on this frame? If anyone can confirm from experience?

Specialized SL6 Sport Disc in 54. Seems like a decent deal under 3k.

Or a Bianchi Sprint size 55 with 105 disc. Never owned a Bianchi but this seems to be priced well for an entry level race frame. Wheels are trash though.

Any thoughts? I would be super interested to hear from someone that owns a Bianchi Sprint.

I may just race the SL7 and have a group prayer before each start. I may also just hold off and see how the market goes. Part of me thinks theres going to be a ton of used bikes for sale soonish.

Just race the SL7.


The more I think about it the more it makes sense just to race what I got. At the end of the day the frameset would be as much as a second bike to replace anyway …

Correct, especially since Specialized has crash replacement discounts.


On the one hand, I think you’re right. More vaccine = more people go back to their sedentary lives.

On the other hand, it’d be great for everyone if the boom continues. A riding tide raises all the ships!

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Just to throw it out there: carbon fiber can be repaired. It is easier to repair than metal, actually. With steel or it, you cut out the whole damaged tube. With aluminum, you have to do that plus heat treat the frame, which renders the process totally uneconomical. With carbon, a repairer can just treat the affected area.

Also, it’s worth noting that usually, your body, your handlebars, or some other protruding part usually hit the ground before the frame.

To address the original question, I don’t road race anymore. But, you asked, so if you know the Tarmac SL7 fits you, then why not consider the Allen Sprint?

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To tag onto this thread, I’m in a similar position. Have an SL7 but was considering a second “crit” bike. It’s not that I’m worried about breaking the SL7 though it’s a concern. I more so wanted a different bike for crits. My SL7 is set up with 50/34 up front and 11-32t in the rear. I’d like to run a 1x 52t or 54t up front and probably go 11-30t (I have it laying around) in the rear. So my wanting a new bike is less a “bike I don’t mind crashing” and more a different gearing setup.

Cheapest solution would be to swap out the crankset and cassette for crits. Anybody do this regularly? Anybody run 1x for crits?

@CaptainThunderpants here is my allez. 54 11-26 for crits, 52 11-32 for road races. Plenty of gearing for our racing here in Texas and it looks real nice on these bikes. It’s an amazing frame in ride characteristics and feel. @Jimmy_Duffer I will say it does fit small-ish. I’m 5’9 as well on a 54 frame, it almost matches up next to my teammates 1st gen venge in a 52. So be prepared to run a few spacers or perhaps a +/- 6 stem.


That sounds like a nightmare.

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My thoughts exactly. Why I was considering a second bike.

Insuring your bike with a company like Velosurance is less expensive than buying a second race bike.

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