New S-works Venge

Hey guys! Im currently riding a Cannondale SuperSix evo (sram etap, Zipp 454NSW wheels, 40cm Zipp aero bars). My guestion is: Is it worth it for me to buy the new S-works Venge? I mean, will it be so much faster, if we only take the frame into consideration? I live in pretty flat area and I LOVE the looks of Venge. And our coaches are getting it too, so it must be good :wink: What do you think? Is it worth the investment? Thanks


Ha! I’m in the same boat. I currently ride a 2016 SuperSix Evo and I love its light weight and handling, but it’s not as comfortable as I’d like (lots of rough chip-seal here in Idaho :frowning_face:). I’d also like something more aero, preferably with disc brakes. So I’m deciding between the Tarmac SL6 and the new Venge.

Obviously the Venge is more aero, but it weighs about a pound more. While I’m not a diehard weight weenie, I prefer lighter bikes because it’s on climbs, where I’m most likely to lose contact with the front group. But then again, I’m most successful, results-wise, from small breakaways where aero is important.

I’ve heard that putting aero handlebars and deeper wheels on the Tarmac will reclaim half of the aero advantage of the new Venge. Plus the Tarmac is more compliant and that’s something I want as well. Yeah I know…I want it all! :roll_eyes:

If anyone has ridden both the new Venge and the SL6 (@Jonathan?) I’d love to hear comparisons between the two, especially regarding comfort and compliance. And if any SuperSix owners have tried the Venge, is it more or less compliant?

Any info would be greatly appreciated as either bike will be a substantial purchase! :money_with_wings:

I’m on a 2014 Tarmac. Di2. Enve seat post, handlebars and stem. Q rings, stages power meter and flo 45s. Love the bike and at the time I needed to find away to enjoy cardio without the pounding of running.

I’ve been thinking about a venge as well. Disc brakes. Rave reviews and maybe it’s time for a new bike?

I was going to custom paint my new venge something ridiculously loud. Pretty well set to buy the bike, custom paint shop nearby picked out and the whole nine. On the way to buy the bike, I listened to the cycling tips podcast are bikes to expensive? As an aside, good little segment on tariffs as well. Nonetheless, the podcast got me thinking. 12k plus taxes? Plus my custom paint. Can we say dentist? I can drop many. The super fast guys will most likely still drop me even after I grab my scrubs. Thus, why bother? I don’t need the bike. My money is still in the bank gaining .001% interest. If I could get an indursty discount by working at the local bike shop maybe I’d splurge. But for 12k why not go custom? I’m all over the place I know.

I’m fast enough on my current bike. Ill stick with TR. Hopefull my FTP grows higher than the interest rates this off season. Pretty sure that’s the best path forward. Save money and gains some watts! I’m mean I’m grandfathered in at the current rate. It’s a bargain compared to the venge.


My new venge was just built yesterday, first ride today! I’ll let you know how it goes.


Surely the new SystemSix :smiley: i have the synapse and often think would an evo or system6 or other aero bike improve my riding … then i realise the lump on the seat is the main area to improve… but love a new toy as well… if you were spending that $$ then needs to be a full road test on your familiar route… things are subject, how things ‘feel’ make a huge difference to confidence and that drives speed…


:+1: Nice! Can’t wait to hear your take!

Yeah, I considered the SystemSix, but I have two problems with it:

  1. I’ve had three SuperSix’s over the past 10 years and they always develop creaks (mostly bottom bracket). I know it’s not a problem specific to Cannondale, but they seem to get the lion’s share of complaints. To their credit, they did warranty one of my problem frames, which is how I got my 2016.
  2. The idea that they ship with a functional power meter and then charge to “activate” it, seems both wasteful (for those who’ll never activate it) and a dubious sales tactic. Totally understand feature-gating software and SaaS products, but for a hardware device?! :thinking:

I went from a 2015 S-Works Tarmac to a SL6 and the difference is astonishing. They claim it’s as aero as the previous Venge, but the first thing I was really impressed with was how much faster it was into a headwind. I was just able to hold more speed. And as it’s so light, uphill it’s angood deal faster than the old Tarmac.

I’ve ridden the Cannondale, and the one thing I liked more about it was how planted it was going downhill. However, in every other way I find the Tarmac to be a far superior bike. If it were my money, I’d consider the Tarmac SL6 as a serious contender too.


I’ve been riding a new 2019 Venge Pro for about a week now and absolutely love it. I couldn’t quite stretch to the $15K the S-Works goes for here is Aus , but by all accounts the frame is identical to the S-Works and it’s only 350g heavier.

My previous bike was a 10yr old Tarmac , so don’t really have a modern bike to compare too , but boy this thing is fast. Seems to just carry itself once you get it up to 35kph and every watt I put in seems to result in speed. Last weeks club race felt like cheating !


Good to hear. I’ll take a look as well. Plus I like the purple!

While I haven’t ridden the new a Tarmac, “compliant” is one of the last words I’d use to describe the older model. Not sure if they improved feel on the new one, but I absolutely hated the old one.

As for the Venge, again I haven’t ridden the new one, but the previous model was amazing. Fast, comfortable (but still stiff), it was the real deal.

Family time overtook NBD time today…but the plan is to ride tomorrow. I’ll report back.


I’ve ordered mine. I found the best thing about having sister in law living in Austraila. Coming to visit in November. The exchange rate is vary favorable. The sworks is going to cost me 8500$. I’m counting down the days till she visits. With my luck their will be snow on the ground when I get it.

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First ride done.

I liked it a lot. I think it handles and descends a lot better than the Vias. It also feels a lot stiffer and I like that when climbing.

I don’t have the new Venge bar yet so I used a 46cm Enve aero bar. That seems really stiff in a good way.

It’s supposed to be more compliant but I didn’t notice that at all. Overall I think it’s a nice upgrade from the Vias.


Thanks a lot Nate. 46cm wide bar? Didnt you mean 40cm?

I have one, it’s amazing. I had the Vias too and this feels like a much better handling and compliant bike. The Vias was fast in a straight line, but I was always a bit nervous about asking a lot of the brakes, now with the disc that’s not an issue.
I really feel like I can throw this one around a lot better.
Watch the Super League Triathlon over the weekend and see how the guys on the new Venge are riding everyone off their wheels in and out of corners.

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46 :). Pete Morris let me borrow one of his bars to get me through Kona. He rides a 46 so I thought I’d try it. I normally ride a 40.

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Has to be said the Venge is a great looking machine (even with Nate’s huge seat post poking out of it!) the SystemSix is also a great looking machine.

Then I saw some shots of the new Shiv Tri - what an abomination - hideous! I just hope to god it is aero! Sarah True was riding it in Kona

This got me thinking: no doubt all the frames above are very aero and we know that the main drag maker is the person riding it. The main difference between Tribikes and Aeroroad bikes is stack and seat tube angle, but this is all relative to the fit of the bike (saddle fore-aft position and spacer stack on TT bars)

SO an experiment - (rider gear remains unchanged through this):

  1. Venge in normal road dress
  2. Older Tribike (Shiv Tri or Trek SC etc) [with disc/deep front wheel etc)
  3. Venge with TT set up [Full TT Aero bars - not clip ons, same wheels as in 2)
  4. Modern Super Tribike - Canyon Speedmax or Trinity Tri

Velodrome test - whats the difference?

No. You have a very nice bike. A new one will net you a lot less gains than working on fitness.

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I love my shiv! Just curious that was all

Anyway how do you know my bike??!

Oooo, can you post pics of the new shiv tri? I haven’t seen it.