2019 Venge Pro Disc (Weight?)

Seriously considering buying this bike to add to my SL5 Tarmac. So just doing some homework and research on the bike. Having a hard time finding a weight on the size 54cm. Anyone have one in this size or nave any good insight on what the weight is. Thanks for any help.

I have the 54cm 2019 S-Works Tarmac Disc (w/AXS). With Durace pedals it weighs 6.8kg (15lbs). The Venge is about 1/2 lb heavier (0.22kg) so you are probably looking at 7.0kg.

Mine weighs 16.8 If I recall with assimo pedals absoluteblack chainrings and supacaz cages.

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Have any pics of yours by chance?
How long have you had it and how are you getting along with it?

I got it in April. I absolutely love it. It’s super responsive and fast! I’m 190lbs and in the flats and downhills it’s an absolute missile! Climbs very well too!! I have easily gained 1 mph or more over my Synapse at the same power. I highly recommend trying one out!!


Beautiful Bike!
Would love to test ride one and try it out but none of the Specialized shops in my area carry any venges in house. So trying to gather as much info and feedback as I can.
Was going back and forth between Venge and SL6 Tarmac but I already have S-Works SL5 and even though the SL6 is suppose to be a pretty good improvement I think adding Aero bike to what I have already makes a little more sense if I am going to buy a second bike.
Below 17lbs for a Pro level model is pretty good I’d say.
Have you done any long rides on her yet?

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Longest so far is 55ish miles, and it was fine. I had a professional fit for it which made a huge difference. But it is a little harsher than the Synapse but that is to be expected, though the aero bars are much more comfortable with the flat tops. I could do a 100 on it no problem. I believe @Nate_Pearson had the tarmac and switched to a Venge as the aero gains were better than the weight savings, but don’t quote me on that. Also I plan on going tubeless so that should make it a touch more comfy on longer rides. For what it’s worth I bought it before I rode it and don’t regret it one bit.

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Set your expectations lower here. depending on the computer & pedals you pick and if it’s completely stock would assume around 7.3-7.4kg. My 56cm is somewhere right around there with a couple non-stock upgrades. Out of the shop with the pedals/computer it was like ~7.6kg

Mine is 16.9 lbs or 7.6 kg with speed play carbon pedals and Quark power meter. 54 inch.

My SL4 tarmac is only 3.2 LBS more. :slight_smile:

IMO the tarmac v venge also S works v Pro depends on if you are racing or looking for an over all fast bike.

S works comes with 52/36 11-30. Ditto with the pro. However with the pro you can run a 11-32. Further, you can run a 52/34. I suppose technically you could do it on both bikes but you would not be running dura-ace on the S works cassette.

Anything over 6-8% grade climb that’s not quick and punchy 52/36 11-30 isn’t faster for the average Joe. You would want the tarmac for longer climbs. Especially steeper ones.

6-8% below grade and especially if it’s punchy and you can use speed to get up and over venge is faster. You can get the venge launched and fly half way up a short hill. It’s damn impressive.

Also the pro is CL50 v 64 on the rims. The 50s a tad bit more forgiving and more useful all around. Especially in crosswinds compared to the 64s. Dem 64s is like rolling spinners on a Cadillac. They are pretty but a bit more squirrelly. That said, both are wonderful when you can draft.

Nonetheless, my next bike is a radio flyer. What do I know?

Thanks for the info. I am in the Midwest region and around our area there are lots of hills but more rolling, short punchy stuff. Not really any sustained climbs. I would say our longest climbs would be 5-10 minutes at the most but 10 minutes might even be exaggerating a bit. We have steep stuff, 10 + % but short.
Even though there aren’t any sustained climbs it’s easy to get a lot of climbing in.
on a century ride this season hit about 6300ft of climbing. Had a 60 miler at about 5200ft.
So I guess you could go either way around here as far as light weight vs Aero.
Like I said already have SL5 Tarmac so leaning toward the venge to add to the stable.

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It’s kind of like COPD but for bikes. CBBD (chronic Bike Buying Disease) the only way to treat it is to buy another bike.

I’m with you re: adding to the stable. I have a diverge, tarmac, venge and oh the old as heck tarmac from my neighbor that’s the wrong size. But it got me started. All I need now is the Roubaix and a MTB. I will add the Roubaix to my stable October/November. Hopefully, the local bike shop is ok with layaway:).

I hope the venge helps you with the bike disease we all have been afflicted with! In fact, buy two. Best of luck.

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Here in Japan, where the road bike community is particularly conservative, the Venge is very popular amongst racers. Almost all of the bikes with disc brakes were Venges. Our team captain has one fully decked out and that thing flies. I wouldn’t worry about weight, as the others wrote, you’ll be close to the UCI legal limit — if you can afford it, that is.

My venge pro “ready to ride” with two bottle Cages, Favero Assioma pedals and an 11-34 Cassette has 8,00kg. I love this bike!

I went from a “SL5” S-Works Tarmac (although the 2015 model didn’t officially carry the SL5 moniker), to a SL6 S-Works Tarmac. They are two very different beasts. Although the SL6 is the GC bike, and not a full aero frame, it is allegedly as aero as the previous model Venge. Having ridden both I tend to believe them. The difference noticed into the wind was significant. The handling is sublime. It inspires real confidence in both the corners and descents.

If possible ride both, but unless you really want the full aero benefits of the Venge don’t rule out the Tarmac.

It’s a tough choice. One that i was faced with a few months back. Went with the Tarmac SL6 with disc brakes - at about 7.30kg - with deep wheels. I can get it so 7kg (no bottles etc) with shallow wheels for more climbing.

I think it depends on they type of riding you are doing and where you live. I live in Sydney. We don’t have many long sustained climbs but short and punchy hence the SL6 is great. Now I wish i had the Venge - for pure vanity!!!

But i think the weight thing is over done. Most bikes are over 7kgs once you add all the accessories…bottles, lights, saddle bags etc…If you weight 60kgs, then an extra 500 grams makes a difference compared to 65kgs or 70kgs.

Go the Venge…

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so did you buy 2019 Venge? I also have Tarmac SL5 Rim brake and planing to go for Venge 2019.
How would you describe the differences?