The joy of the 'dawnie'

May not be optimal training but what finer way to start the day than getting up at 4.15am and going out for a 2hr ride in order to witness the first blue light of dawn, permeate the night sky.
No cars, no people, just wildlife for company.
2hrs at 0.45 IF. Many would say such a session was pointless. I’d say different.


I’m with you. Completing the ride before dawn or finishing after dawn is… awesome.


Never forget those mental health benefits and gains! I’m with you…


Every bike ride is a win.


Amen to this.


No time on the bike is pointless. As someone who has no intentions of ever racing, I love these types of rides and don’t see them as hurting whatever training I’m in the middle of.


I’m perhaps no fan in mid-winter, but in the summer, on a nice day, getting out just as the sun comes up, then finishing the ride with a coffee and a cake at a local bakery as it opens… there is no finer way to start the day. I couldn’t care less if it’s ‘inferior’ to an SS session on the turbo.

I did this on holiday once just outside Carcassone. I set off just after dawn, and finished an easy-ish spin at about 7.30, and sat at a local cafe on a square and had coffee, orange juice squeezed in front of me, and croissants only minutes out of the oven. It was genuinely one of the best mornings of my life.


Damn that sounds amazing. Carcassone is on my bucket list ever since I saw it on the Tour.

I have some great pictures and memories of the sun rising to the east of the Shenandoah Mountains as I descended and climbed my way around the park during a couple early morning rides in pre-pandemic trips. And its nice to see the sun rise up over the Chesapeake Bay most Saturday and Sunday mornings. Seeing the sun rise as I ride is one of my favorite things about cycling.


It would be an excellent long weekend, longer if you strike out to other areas/do some sort of road trip.

Try to avoid conventional high season; it’s a total tourist trap. Spring is perfect if you have the chance.

I think we need some pics in this thread…


Tell that to the COVID :laughing:. Honestly might put it on the plan for spring next year. I have at least 1,5 years of not-travel build up that needs release :joy:

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Sounds like you went for a bike ride.
Nice!! :hugs:


Nothing beats sunrise(or sunset) from a bike!


Yeah AND I’m a steely eyed racer with major aspirations for this year!

Here we start ride 4h AM until 7h30

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Second this. Dawn Raider Photo thread would be great!

Did fastest rides for a period a few years back. 5am starts, rides about an hour. Used to feel like ass on the way out, but coming back was almost euphoric feeling on some rides. Atmosphere is so different that time of day.

Hard thing to maintain, but up for it again once weather picks up. Maybe not daily, but if you’re up at 5am, why not get a spin in.


I routinely get up at 4.30 to ride. Mostly in the garage on the trainer with the big door open, occasionally outdoors. I’m always done by 6a and the sun is only just trying to peek above the horizon. Later in the year it’s nice to watch it come up.


Nope. The low intensity leads to many positive adaptions in the muscles. Plus it’s a great time to ride.


Have done some decent early morning rides. Great to see the dawn or even be back before it. Pretty satisfying when you are able to knock out 3 hours and get back before the rest of the family are out of bed. Also means you don’t feel you are neglecting your family responsibilities for the pleasure too.