The Ironman Training Thread 2023

So i might be actually switching back to Trimemphré instead of Musselman. More local-ish even though it’s further, i’m not crossing borders.
I had started doing some easy training in nov-dec but then i hurt my back and after that caught covid and was low energy during all the holidays.
Just re-entered my stuff in training peaks and man, there’s a lot of work to do.

I’m in for Eagleman too! See you and @Billabong there!


This is the year of speed for me. I am doing Multisport Nationals for duathlon in April, Eagleman in June then short course for the summer focusing on speed. My goal for Eagleman is to get down into the low 4:0x and to break 2 in an Oly. Then disaster in December—maybe Disaster plus one or two.

I’m looking forward to following everyone’s journey!!!


@JoeX Count me in for IM NZ - Taupo in March 2023 !


Hey everyone!

My plans are still pretty wishy-washy for 2023 while I deal with some other bs, but tentatively hoping for a local 100k distance in April (PTO worlds qualification goal to be revised based on how well the next couple of months goes) and definitely cairns 70.3 in June (ideally 4:20-4:30ish)

2022 had a few more challenges than I knew what to do with, so I’d like everyone to wish me a very happy FTFP in 2023 :saluting_face:


I’m in for Eagleman as well! Currently my wife and I are looking at Eagleman 70.3 in June and Atlantic City 70.3 in September.

After getting covid at Indian Wells, I am FINALLY feeling like I’m back to 100% and ready to start training again. It took all of 4 full weeks of doing pretty much nothing to recover. This week (5th week since infection) is all light stuff (whatever I feel like doing) Then next week I will start HV structure for 22 weeks leading to eagleman.


I’m back for 2023, but with only a single 70.3 on the calendar at the moment (Michigan Titanium in August). I also have a bike tour of Banff planned in June, which should fit in nicely. Looking for some other races in the late spring or fall, but haven’t found anything calling my name yet. I was looking at Chattanooga 70.3, but at well over $400 to sign up, is a hard pass. I can do 4-5 smaller races for that price, so I’ll likely end up doing a number Olys instead this summer.

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Hey JoeX thanks. I’ll be doing Escape from Alcatraz in June then Ironman California in October. I am using TR CycloCross Plan supplemented with 3 hours of weekly swim and 3-5 hours of weekly run. Cheers to all. Ron Williams (age grouper 73, 13th year participating in triathlon).


Ironman Lanzarote in May and Ironman Wales in September for me, looking forward to following this post to keep my motivation up


Welcome to the thread and the forums :smiley:

Is that a half iron?

Welcome back! A touch of the masochist there I see :wink:


No it’s not a half or full. The Escape from Alcatraz is approximately an Olympic distance. It starts with a 1.5 mile swim off a ferry at Alcatraz Island across San Francisco Bay. The bike is 18 miles through the hills of SF then an 8 mile hilly run. It’s a “B” race for me and should be fun. Cheers. Ron


Welcome to 2023 - Thanks again @JoeX for keeping these threads alive!

Using 80/20 Endurance this year (IE Matt Fitzgerald) training plans - so far loving it.

Athlete Month Race Distance Finisher Plan
MikeMcKinney 6 IM CDA Full 80/20 Endurance
MikeMcKinney 7 IM Oregon 70.3 Half 80/20 Endurance
MikeMcKinney 9 IM Maple Valley 70.3 Half 80/20 Endurance


Thanks for keeping these threads going @JoeX.

I’m undecided about my 2023 season at the moment. I might not race at all, but if I do it will likely be over the Olympic distance. I also have unfinished business with both standalone marathons and ultramarathons that might be my focus.

Even if I don’t race, I’ll be training, and also following the thread with interest :ok_hand::+1:


can i ask what you like about your training with 80\20? have you tried the TR training and give your opinion? i just did the polarized 6 week beta and improved my ftp where as i plateaued in my TR plan. looking to do first olympic and half this year. looking for input thanks.


I know its rhetoric that you hear often…

“Easy days are easy and the hard days are hard”

6 weeks in and I have now realized that I am a fool. Over the last few years my easy rides were moderately hard and hard rides were hard. All my runs were moderate (cause I was always fighting injuries or niggles) and I never ran really easy or very hard (fear of full blown injury). I was trying to make every workout “productive”.

I respond well to volume and I am moving back (?) or away from the time crunched athlete profile. My kids are mostly adult (both old enough to drive and are never home between school and work), I am in a good career spot, and I have more time to invest it the way I want.

I am using HR for running (will use power when I move outside) and the easy runs are stoopid slow, but I feel great. I am also following the pace prescribed for swimming (my background) and have enjoyed the variety. Swim set do not have a bunch of drills which I generally don’t do (was a swim team kid)

some refreshing changes

  1. Workouts vary from week to week in difficulty and length. For example last Friday’s swim was 2500 yards all Z1 and Z2 pace. Yesterdays swim was 1100 yards (barley got wet) however outside of warmup and cooldown it was all Z3 - Z4 pace.
  2. Workouts modes change from week to week, this was new to me, but for example last Tuesday’s workout was a medium length run, this weeks Tuesdays workout was a bike ride.
  3. The traditional long bike, long run weekends are not always the standard. Again in a couple weeks my long run is on Wednesday, and my long ride is on Sunday ~~~
  4. A couple weeks a month I will have 7 days of workouts with a swim on Monday (the traditional “off day”), 4 swims versus 3 swims that week.

So far so good, really liking how I feel overall swim bike and run


This would drive me bananas.

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I’d agree. Regular slots for regular sports is a good idea. I spent years doing “whatever I could, whenever I could”, it was the ultimate in inconsistency, and consequently progress was hard fought.

I’ve now gone to the other extreme, I have days assigned to each sport, and they tend to be double days. Run in the morning run in the evening. Bike in the morning, bike in the evening. It’s just much easier for my head, given how busy I am.

That’s not to say there shouldn’t be any variety though, certainly session length and intensity for progressive overload reasons, then the occasional really long workout etc, taking things off road, etfc


Just started using TR about 2 months ago, it has given me the structure I have been lacking.

Eagleman in June
IMMD in September.

I am following the mid volume plan and only substituting my own swim specifics. I have not yet shown the wife how much time I will be training this summer… :grimacing:


first swim on 2023 this morning… and first since 70.3 NC in October. It was rough. I consumed less water than anticipated, but I was even more slow (if that’s even possible).

Anyways, probably targeting NC again this year.
But for now still training for a marathon and doing 2 rides per week (1:15 to 2hr long endurance).
On Saturday ran the longest I have ran in over 2 years (16 w 4x2 @ gmp). This Saturday will be 18!

Hope to be back to full Tri training soon!


Should be back in the pool this week, heating was broken at the pool I tried last week.

Got in 7.5hrs last week, no hard sessions yet, just getting back into it.

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