The Ironman Training Thread 2024

Welcome! I’m taking the liberty to take over this year’s Ironman training thread from @JoeX, for anyone, from beginners to pros, training for a half-Ironman or longer triathlon, Ironman-branded or not. (If you’re racing anything shorter than that, you’re welcome to post on The Short Course Triathlon Thread.)

If you’re racing, post the name and date of your race, the training plan you’re following, plus anything else you want to share, such as any particular goals you’re targeting. We’ll have a monthly roll call to report our progress on the previous month’s training, including successes, failures, and lessons learned.

Previous years:

Athlete Race Date Distance
gesteves Ironman 70.3 St. George May 4 Half
Benwgoodfellow Ironman Lanzarote May 18 Full
Wayne_Smith Outlaw Half Nottingham May 19 Half
snryan74 Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga May 19 Half
ashfordneil Ironman 70.3 Victoria May 26 Half
gesteves Ironman 70.3 Boulder June 8 Half
Benwgoodfellow Challenge Wales June 9 Half
Billabong Ironman 70.3 Eagleman June 9 Half
windyyet Ironman 70.3 Eagleman June 9 Half
pstalley Ironman 70.3 Des Moines June 9 Half
gesteves Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene June 23 Half
Wayne_Smith Outlaw Half Holkham July 7 Half
mrtopher1980 Ironman 70.3 Musselman July 14 Half
Bbt67 Ironman 70.3 Swansea July 14 Half
Benwgoodfellow Ironman 70.3 Swansea July 14 Half
Owenbrown Ironman 70.3 Swansea July 14 Half
ashman07 Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz July 14 Full
Benwgoodfellow Alpe d’Huez Triathlon L July 25 Other
bretzky Ironman 70.3 Calgary July 28 Half
Wayne_Smith Outlaw Nottingham July 28 Full
gesteves Ironman Canada August 25 Full
windyyet Ironman Canada August 25 Full
DanF Lake Tahoe Triathlon August 25 Half
Evert Ironman 70.3 Knokke-Heist September 8 Half
Billabong Ironman Maryland September 21 Full
gesteves Ironman 70.3 Washington Tri-Cities September 22 Half
Benwgoodfellow Ironman Wales September 22 Full
Lee_Badrock Ironman Wales September 22 Full
BenSwimsBikesRuns Ironman 70.3 Washington Tri-Cities September 22 Half
Evert Ironman 70.3 Italy Emilia-Romagna September 22 Half
bretzky Ironman 70.3 Waco October 6 Half
snryan74 Ironman 70.3 North Carolina October 19 Half
DanF Ironman California October 27 Full
pstalley Ironman Florida November 2 Full
teetopmlp Ironman Florida November 2 Full
teetopmlp Clash Daytona December 8 Half

Thanks for setting this up. I’m signed up for IM Vitoria Gasteiz in July. It’ll be my first full distance in 6 years and my first race of any kind for 4 years (save for a 70.3 I will do in the build-up). Took some time off racing due to the pandemic and just a loss of interest in racing, so I’m definitely a bit rusty. My running has gone downhill in the past few years so getting that up to scratch and staying injury free are my main challenges.

I’m in the middle of full distance base LV then will go onto full distance build LV before switching to outdoor cycling once we hit the spring here in the UK.

In terms of goals, my dream is to break 11hrs but that is heavily dependent on my ability to stay injury free and get my running back to the level it was at 3 or 4 years ago.


Thank you for setting this up. Will update once I have established some training plans for the two races. Recovering from a hernia surgery.


First week back in the pool after a 19 month hiatus. Didn’t drown but have a long way to go.

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@gesteves thanks for taking this on.

I’m in Nottingham in the UK. I entered 3 events for 2023 and ended up deferring my entries to 2024 due to complications from long covid. Pretty much recovered so now I’m looking at:

Outlaw half (70.3) - 19 May
Outlaw Holkham (70.3) - 7 July (while i’ve got a deferred entry not sure about the wisdom of this 3 weeks pre a full distance)
Outlaw full distance - 28 July

By way of background i’m a 56 yo life time cyclist racing mainly on the track in the last few years. Did Outlaw X (70.3) for a challenge in 2021 when i got fed up of most of my events being cancelled or postponed due to covid. I did that on 7 weeks’ running and swimming prep including having to learn to do front crawl. This gave me the bug and clearly when you’ve done a half you’ve got to do a full distance!

I’ve just started the MV full volume plan, with a few modifications to the swim and runs.


I’m training for the Ironman 70.3 in Victoria, BC on May 26! My first triathlon and first road biking event in general.

Training on a TrainerRoad planbuilder plan, and standard half marathon plan from Hal Higdon, and building in the pool before starting a plan in Feb.


Entered Swansea 70.3, will be my second half after doing it last July. Starting training tomorrow after having months off (just too much time spent in work) so my FTP is as low as it gets. Going to try the 3 months Master’s Base plans, I really need some base after such a long hiatus, may just try plan builder after that and see what comes up. Goals this season are to learn to swim better, get more open water experience, and rehab my dodgy calf that’s stopped my running much last year. If I don’t meet my goals I’ll just stick to cycling :joy:.


On the list above already but officially signed up for Musselman as of last weekend (and my Dad and GF).

Back on the trainer late November, just did a bunch of 1ish hour endurance rides to get used to sitting on the tri bike again and started a half plan Jan 1, going well so far.

Hopefully start swimming again this week, used to be 1 mile from the pool now 45 minutes. Indirectly on the way to work at least. Will work running back in slowly, it is always what I train the least.


This is a great race, I didn’t it in 2022. Make sure you work in some hils, the bike course is no joke.

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Glad to see the 2024 topic.
Could you please guy explain how you carry your fuel and hydration for a ful IM?
For a HIM it’s pretty straightforward but for a full IM I don’t know what to do. Use of special needs to refuel, use of regular aid station with gatorade and water? Stop at aids station to mix your own drink? others?

What have you done so far and what are the best options?

For me:
One consentrated bottle on the bike
Second bottle in Special nees along with a Almond Butter and Honey sandwich and a Pepsi
Gels and or chews in Top Tube storage

Only 2 bottles? How much gr of carbs is this?
It seems very low, that’s only 2l or so?

As a guide i’d like to hit 80g/h and 600ml/h, so for a 5+ hour ride sthg in the range of 480g carbs and 3l. This is roughly the double of my Him plan

Two 3 hour bottles with 933 calories each, although I sure as heck hope it does not take me that long to ride.


Anyone doing this? PTO Announces U.S. Age-Group Triathlon in 2024 Series – Triathlete

After previewing a new pro/age-group series back in August and delaying the October schedule reveal, the Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) today has announced the first U.S.-based event in their 2024 season. The 100K-distance (2K swim, 80K bike leg, and 18K run) race will take place on the weekend of October 19 at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, with a pro event on the 19th with an age-group race on the 20th on the same course.

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MIght have to talk to the wife about this.

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This is awesome. Same course as the 2013 70.3 World Championships. May have to tack it on at the end of the season.

Time for our first roll call of the year! How’s training going?

@ashfordneil @ashman07 @Bbt67 @Benwgoodfellow @Billabong @bretzky @mrtopher1980 @Owenbrown @Wayne_Smith @windyyet

Almost 70 hours for me in January. I’ll look at the swim, bike, run, split and post some thoughs later.

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Things are going fairly well so far. I’m still 6 months out from my race so at the moment I’m just focusing on getting into a routine of consistent base training without massive volume. TR IM base training plan is good - I feel like I’m making gains without having to beast myself on sessions. I’ll have that to look forward to later!