The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

I don’t know what the exact delineation between FOP and MOP is. I am FOP in my AG but still very far from actual fast people. But regardless, most butt-clenching happens when faster and slower riders meet on a multi-lap course.

If there is a gap I’ll go for it, I’m not strong enough to slow down and accelerate all the time. I try to give a warning by yelling “on your left” or “inside line” and as long as people keep right it’s no problem.

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I wanted to check in earlier, but I got Covid at the race and have been completely out of it for 2 weeks! I got sick the day after the race, so I assume that I must have had the virus in me already during the race (no symptoms prior to the race). We all know how susceptible our immune systems are in the days following these big events. This has NOT lent itself to a quick recovery. I’m 2 weeks in and just finally started feeling normal today. I’m going to give it a 3rd week of recovery before attempting any kind of workouts. Fortunately I was planning a 2-3 week off season anyway. I was just hoping it would be more relaxing than suffering through this virus!

Swim: 37:43
This was a so-so swim for me. I was expecting to go between 34-35. I did an acclimation swim at a nearby lake on the prior Friday just to get used to the extreme cold (water temps were 57ish F). This definitely helped with the overall shock of the water on race day. However, because I’m a pretty weak swimmer I really have to focus on my technical ques. And I think the cold water distracted me from doing so.

Bike: 2:42:24
My previous two 70.3 races this year I averaged around 175watts. I would have liked to improve to 180-185 but a lengthy injury late in the season cut my bike fitness greatly and did not leave time to improve before Indian Wells. I averaged about 185 for the first hour which ended up being too much. The cool weather had me feeling good, but it caught up to me on the back half. I ended up averaging 176. Which given my injury, I was actually happy to at least get back to my previous fitness even if there was no substantial improvement.

Run: 1:40:21
Earlier this year I had a run PR at eagleman 70.3 of exactly 1:40:21 on the second lol. I found Indian Wells to be a MUCH more difficult run course than the pancake-flat eagleman course. So I was pretty satisfied with my run. I stuck to my plan of being super conservative (8:15ish pace) for the first 4 miles, then reduce it to race pace (7:30-45) for the middle 5 miles, then whatever i had left for the final 4 miles (7:15 pace).

Finish: 5:08:04
35-39 AG: 35/149 (23.5%)
Men: 219/1149 (19.1%)
Overall: 266/1629 (16.3%)

Overall, given the short build to this race after injury, I’m pretty satisfied. While I did not PR on my time (I went 5:05:01 at Eagleman in June) I do believe this was stronger performance as my overall finishing percentile across age group and gender improved from what it was at eagleman:

Eagleman 5:05:01
35-39 AG: 57/191 (29.7%)
Men: 327/1458 (22.4%)
Overall: 406/2182 (18.6%)



After 2 years away from the sport & training, my goals for the year were:

  1. Race a lot of 70.3s: I signed up for 4 and completed 3. Did not start Waco in October due to injury.

  2. Improve upon my previous PR of 5:50. I went 5:05 @ Eagleman. 5:28 @ Ohio (bad day). 5:08 @ Indian Wells.

  3. Stretch goal was to break 5:00. I did not accomplish this goal. However, without the long injury break before Waco I think I would have gotten there.


I REALLY enjoyed reading about everyone’s training and races in this thread! It kept me sane and really helped with some boring days at work lol. Congrats to everyone on theirs goals, and lets keep improving for next season!


Awesome job! Good write up. Small typo I think:

Possibly 35th?

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Ben you’re right! lol Thanks for the good eye. I corrected it to 35th

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Haha, don’t want to sell yourself short! Congrats again!

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For a mid-pack rider here’s my take
Passing on the Inside = suicide
180 degree turn - forget about it. It’s way too easy to carry too much speed and slip out

If you are stronger than your opposition but they are in front as you approach a corner or turn, follow them into the corner and then overtake them with an effort. It’s not worth taking those kind of risks as a mid-pack rider for a 1-2 second gain. Save your energy for where it’s best spent.

If you are going to “risk it for the biscuit”, then do it where it’s safe to do so. No one wants to be that person who binned it whilst trying to overtake on a corner. Most of us have to get up and go to work the next day.

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Damn, well done. You’ll get sub 5 easy next year if you keep consistent!

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I got covid at Indian Wells as well - 4 days after so guessing I got it traveling there or most likely at the race itself. Congrats on the race! Hope you get back at it soon.

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I’ve been a bit out of it family and illness, just popping back to say happy Christmas - I think this Christmassy paincave scene covers it :wink:


I waiting for later tonight to watch one of the best Xmas movies ever

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That bar tape though……

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If anyone’s interested in Wilf’s journey through AG success to Pro whilst holding down a full time job:

Nice one @Benwgoodfellow and good luck in the ‘23 season


Question for the group—I’ve got a half marathon (A race) in late April and then a 70.3 (A race) in late July. As I’ve started upping my running base mileage recently (only at ~30 mpw currently), I’m finding my legs are pretty fatigued when I try to do any real intensity (tempo and up) on the bike (currently 3 rides/week).

I’m going to follow a Pfitzinger half marathon plan (peak ~50 mpw) and my thought is to do two 1.5-2hr endurance rides (via TrainNow) on top of that. This would be 4 runs and 2 rides a week (and a rest day).

I’d like to minimize my FTP backsliding in the next four months while focusing on running, but I understand that it’s likely going to happen if I’m only doing two endurance rides as week.

Does this sound like a fairly reasonable approach?

I think you’re better off picking one A race. 70.3 training builds well for a half marathon but a half marathon plan doesn’t prep for a 70.3.

I’d suggest Pfizinger plans are high volume and leave no room for cross training.

Just my 2c.

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Started my 70.3 plan this week, a week late due to illness.

Auto ftp took me down to 253, I’d wanted to start over 260.

Gained 2kg as well after keeping it off for two months.

Ran Tuesday but still felt off so finished early and walked 5mins. Legs aching yesterday I got through Berryessa today. Not sure I can get to a pool this week.

Decided to take my own advice and go with LV, and add rides from HV where I can.

HR still high exercising.


Happy New Year you lovely triathletes you!

Well done for all the hours training and racing in 2022…new thread starts tomorrow🎉



And to you. Thanks for the thread. See you in 2023 (in a few hours for me).

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Okay, finishing out the year my weekly averages are:

Way down on 2021 sadly but still decent training. I’d guess I’ve had six weeks of proper illness which is unusual, a slightly new career direction and a few other things interfering but I hope I’m now better set up for consistency for the next two years. And great swimming facilities :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed IM Portugal.

Roll on 2023!

I will leave the thread open for a few days for anyone who wants to close out their calendar year.