The Ironman Training 2022 Thread

I’m having the opposite problem over here in the upside-down and struggling with the cold. Had a couple of sprint duathlons and running events and at that hour of the morning I feel like I’m in slow-motion lizard mode.
….which is funny because winter is way milder here than where I was last year, but that means I’m outdoors way more lol.

Overheard in Boulder during athlete check-in:

“Do you know what the water temperature is?”
“Higher than you would like.”

Seems It almost certainly is going to be wetsuit optional tomorrow.

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Good swimmers are like I am good without wetsuit. Decent to struggling swimmers are rejoicing. Mentally and physically. :wink:

Edit: to clarify most people want a wetsuit. I see how it can read differently.

Let me tell you, nobody seemed to be rejoicing (myself included). All I heard was a collective groan :joy:


Lmao. I thought you meant it was still wetsuit legal. :joy:

Holy shit, that was hard. Boulder kicked my ass.

Race report to come later, but the heat absolutely destroyed me on the run. But hey, I finished my first half Ironman.


Great job!!! That Boulder heat sneaks up on you!!


Congrats :slight_smile: