The IF 1.0 in an hour club

Hope to start something new, I haven’t achieved this (at least not anytime recently) so just wanted to get some examples to aspire to. Feel free to post any times you’ve had an IF of 1.0 for around an hour. It’s kind of a goal of mine over the next few weeks to see how close I can get (I’m up to 0.95 for 52 mins), would love some inspiration from others’ efforts. No rules,although np close to average power is preferable lol

Doing a 40k TT is a pretty good way to hit that 1.0IF.


I did 55min in a Zwift race once by starting with 3-5 min over threshold, settling in right below ftp, and then surging over it a few times. It was hard.


I just saw “Tour Dr Nez” on the Workout list. 1.0IF and an hour long. It looked brutal!!!

Is love to have a go, but I can’t see getting through that many sprint efforts lol.


I dont know that it really means much other then time to retest FTP. This ride for me was ON Sept 25. Ramp test was done a week later with little change in FTP.


Here is another from earlier in the year.

I really think this only shows I know how to ride hard when I want to and I likely ease off when I take a ramp test. Numbers still are similar though.


I had an IF > 1 in one or two races that ran a little longer than an hour. I reckon that was because there were short climbs in each where you had to go into the red for a few minutes at a time. Fun!

I am not sure whether I’d be up to doing workouts, the motivation during a race is truly something else.

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If you have a big sprint you can bork the equation pretty easily. Highest IF I’ve seen is 2.37 for 2:18 (that’s 2 hours, 18 minutes). Go do a 30 second hill sprint as often as you can to generate 90% of your best watts, whether it’s every 5 minutes or every 10.


Here’s one Spring 2017 about two weeks after ratcheting my FTP up to 275 (from a 28 min / 10 mile time trial):

Late May 2020 on a Saturday morning:

Wasn’t as close as it looks - just testing the engine a couple weeks before an FTP bump to 260.


From my most recent 25mi TT entirely on aerobars. Not quite an hour but could’ve made it that far. FTP was set, albeit not that recently, on a roadie upright in a 20min test. Makes me question if FTP was too low and fitness was higher than expected. Probably a reason to test more frequently but christ on a bike do the 20 min tests hurt.image

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Need to update my FTP according to TrainingPeaks after this race…


One thing to keep in mind is this was outdoors on my road bike and all my indoor riding plus ramp tests are on a tri bike - so technically my power output on a road bike as a percent of FTP would be easier.

This years local club championship was a closed circut race on a hilly racetrack, NP was not close to AVG due to covering attacks and me barely surviving. That said, NP 352 and avg 282 watts after 48min of racing. IF 1.06 and a 7th place after a poor line choice in the last corner.

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I can hit 1.0 IF most Saturday mornings on our team bash.

Not all the rides are one hour (poor route planning by me :laughing:) but this selection gives you some idea.


Disclaimer: I don’t use TR but I do love the content the guys put out.

Now that’s out of the way - I run my own program training mostly before work (early early normally 1 hour sessions with longer rides on weekend). At least three of my morning sessions per week are IF > 1.0 (vo2 or anaerobic capacity sessions). I mean it just makes sense to be pushing hard when you are time limited.

I admit I am surprised that this doesn’t seem to be common.

And to forestall discussion of my ftp being set too low I don’t think that’s the case. I have done all the different protocols for testing and while they give some variance I think the true classical 20 min with some pre exhaustion is probably fair for me. Clearly I have a proportionally higher anaerobic capacity than some but I would not think I am abnormal.

Just managed


I expect people might tell me I’m doing too much intensity but my training is essentially 100% trainer indoors at the moment and z2 sucks.

I got close to it, 0.98. Went out this past Saturday with some energy to burn and did some climbing. New 20min PR with 358W, too.

nice to see so many examples! I guess I didn’t mention in my original post that my little goal would be done within a zwift race, which I’ve been doing lately to give myself something competitive before I dive back into SSB HV. I suppose if I really wanted to get to the goal I could pick something like the alpe climb! In normal (road) racing the goal is to conserve energy but when it comes to zwift I’m trying to get the most out of myself for these events.

Did 0.99 for 2 hours 23 min…outdoors. Clearly my outdoor FTP is higher than indoors.

I’ve managed 1.0 indoors several times during Zwift races, but all for efforts around 45 minutes.

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Last night’s WTRL race.