The chamois cream poll

I’m a relatively new cyclist having only two seasons under my belt, and never use chamois cream. When I mentioned this before a fondo last year I received a surprising amount of horrified looks.

So, let’s see what the chamois cream market penetration rate looks like.

  • I do not use chamois cream
  • I use chamois cream regularly
  • I exclusively use chamois cream on exceptionally long rides

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Follow up question for those that use chamois cream.

  • Did you decide to use chamois cream in response to a particular ailment such as saddle sores, or is this preventative medicine?
  • I myself rarely have issues with bike related skin irritation, is there any reason I should consider chamois cream?
  • For those that have both historically used, and not used, did you notice any difference in the wear rates of your bib chamois?

No difference in shorts wear rate.

Preventative - Combats dry skin and chafing in a couple hot spots.

If you don’t need it, don’t use it.

I go for cheap. Current choice is Udderly Smooth. Have used several of the common brands with no obvious differences. Given where this stuff goes your mileage may vary so choose wisely and never mix it up with embrocation (pro tip).




Seems like every time I decide to skip applying cream I always get a sore, so I just use it every ride. Enzos no tingle is my favorite.


I use it for long rides ( i.e. centuries) as a precaution or after being off the bike for a time. I don’t usually have a problem with chafing but for me it helps reduce soreness until I build up a tolerance for being on the saddle for long periods again.

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Here’s my tip for you guys:

Palmers unscented cocoa butter cream. I get the pump bottle at walmart or target for not too much. It’s way cheaper than “chamois cream”.

I started using it for a hot spot on my left side, which actually got solved in other ways (fit changes). But, it helped a lot while I figured things out and so I saw the value.

A buddy of mine buys Assos shorts regularly and they give him free jars of cream with them, which he relays to me for free. But, I’d pay if I needed to…

And no, never noticed any unusual wear on my shorts.

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I use it on long rides, or when it’s really wet out.

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oddly enough my body seems to get sores when using cream, so I stopped using it. Weird but true.


The one time I used chamois cream I had some serious skin discomfort after my ride, and I attributed it to not being able to ‘feel’ that I had my chamois pad in just the right spot. I think there was pressure and friction in places that weren’t accustomed to it, and it did more harm than good. :man_shrugging:t4:

exactly. I’ve only been seriously riding for 4 years, and within first 3 months my fitter set me up with a narrow saddle that absolutely disappears and causes no friction. We buy wipes at Costco and I use those to be squeaky clean before putting on the kit, and for quick clean up after (unless its summer and then I jump in the pool after a ride).


I used to use it quite regularly due to irritation even on shortish trainer rides, and it did help with that. I found that by getting a better fitting saddle, and moving to higher quality bibs made it so I generally don’t need chamois cream. I also added a rocker plate which helped with indoor comfort, as in general I found indoor riding more problematic from an irritation point of view than outdoor. It was the problems indoors that prompted me to find a new saddle. For longer rides I generally will start applying somewhere about 5-8 hours into the ride.
When I was using it every ride I ended up making my own with cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and a few other things. I use it so sparingly now I wouldn’t bother making my own, and I’ll likely stop once I run out of ingredients.

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Used chamois cream for about 10 years until I listened to coach Chad on a podcast say that he feels it’s unnecessary. So I stopped using it for a couple years now with not a single issue even on the century ride and other 60 plus mile rides. It’s funny because Chad changed his stance and said that it’s useful in the right conditions but honestly, with the right saddle and bike fit I haven’t needed it at all.

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I have tried it a few times and dont like how it feels for one. Also it is like lotion to me it keeps the skin soft that really seems to do the opposite of what I want. I want the skin to acclimate to sitting on a saddle for hours on end. I have also never had a saddle sore so maybe my opinion is skewed.

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Sometimes I use 2toms on trainer rides if i feel a little irritation. On long rides or races I’ll use DZ Nuts. And the only reason I choose that brand is because it’s called DZ NUTS.

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I have never used chamois cream, not sure what the purpose is since I’ve never had any issues down there

I like to eat it.


I’ve never even tried it. My 6 year old pair of bike shorts keep me happy on 5+ hour training rides, or really anything over 2 hours on the trainer. An old pair of tri shorts for 1-2 hours, and just gym shorts or running shorts for an hour or under. I’ve never had any issues, but I suspect I’m probably in the minority.

In 30 years of riding I never used it and never had issues.
About 18 months ago following a very hilly, 100 miler, in very hot temperatures I winced in the shower when I discovered I’d chafed in 2 spots so now I use it for but only for rides over 4 hours or if doing several big days back to back

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