The chamois cream poll

I find it keeps it me a little more comfortable on long rides(4+ hours) and on particularly humid days. It’s not the end of the world if I run out though.

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I have used “Monistat Chafing relief powder gel” during the summer a few times when I am planning on a long ride. We happened to have it and I thought “what the hell, why not?”. It seemed to work pretty well, but I don’t use it all the time. The quality of chamois seems to make the biggest difference for me.

I use MUC OFF chamois cream on long rides and in warmer weather. Love the smell and the feel (when applied) of the cream. It’s light and doesn’t feel oily.

I’d second the point about not spending loads of money - I’ve used a few different brands and have struggled to notice any appreciable difference between the cheap or expensive offerings.

I’ll use it for rides over 1h on the trainer.

Rides over 1.5h on the bike outside

Thread resurrection!

Couple of questions on this subject, I use chamois cream every time I get on a bike and now I am using my indoor trainer a lot I am getting through cream at an alarming rate.

1, How long should a 140ml pot of Assos cream last if using 4 times per week? I know this answer is subjective as some people may use more than others.

2, I get on really well with the Assos cream so if I were to change to a cheaper alternative in other peoples experience what cream is most similar to Assos?

Can’t comment on the Assos cream, but recently moved to the Squirt barrier balm from Muc Off (who changed their product for the worse).

The squirt product comes in a 100g pot. It’s thick and a little seems to go a long way. It’s tenacious - trying to wash it off your hands with soap and hot water after applying to one’s self is very hard. I would wash my hands a couple of times and it’d still be there, so I’d end up wiping my hands clean on a towel. My new tactic is to wipe the excess straight onto the chamois (duh).

This just goes to show it’ll stay on during a long and or sweaty ride. It does seem to create a bit of a barrier if applied to any sore areas (like if you put vaseline on a chapped lip) - it seems to allow me to get away with a little more on the bike.

Edit: I guess this doesn’t answer your question as it’s not going to be similar to Assos (not being a cream). But maybe one for consideration…

What is it that you like about the Assos cream? I haven’t tried it before.

I use it to prevent saddle sores. Friction reduction and anti-bacterial properties.

I use buttonhole. I like the menthol-ish feel.

Never used it. Never had a reason to on the bike (running is a different matter.). I always wondered why it wasn’t an issue for me. I have a theory. I don’t shave my legs and I’m quite hirsute. The hair provides a buffer? Less friction?

I’ve had quite a few painful incidents after long runs though. Usual culprits are the part of the thighs where there is less hair and that tend to rub against each other.