DIY Chamois Cream

Hey All, just curious if anyone has or knows of a good chamois cream recipe. Trying to re use old containers and not just re cycle them.


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I’d recommend a good molybdenum disulfide grease.


In case you haven’t already done this search:


This is amazing. Anyone tried it or better still found out how to make a tingly version? Seriously may have a go at this one… :grin: :+1:t2:

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hmmmmm - outside of the environmental/carbon impact - why would you want to make your own?

The coachlevi link (above) says reduced cost, but who has all that stuff on hand? You would have to invest $$ of stuff to make your own custom version of a readily available product.

I used Palmers fragrance free cocoa butter. Works great, is cheap, and comes in a convenient pump. Put your shorts on, pump it right on the chamois, and you don’t even have to get it on your hands.

I’m sure that I’m gonna hear it for this one. Noxema cream (in the blue tub). Hands down cheaper than any branded ‘chamois creme’.
Used it for many years with good success.
IMO, the newer chamois materials do a somewhat decent job for rides under 2hrs? Any longer and i go for the Noxema.
Older true leather chamois needed the creams/oils more pretty much all the time.

(EDIT) - And i have tried the Assos, the Chamois Buttr, the DZnuts, the Mad Alchemy stuff. And while the Assos and especially the Mad Alchemy are very nice products, they didn’t and still do not warrant the higher cost for me.

There was nothing better than a true chamois lubed up with a quality chamois cream. Maintenance was a total PITA, but damn it was sooooo comfortable.

You and I are in such different worlds, I don’t even know where to start. I’m not a 5 hour ride kinda guy, and haven’t been for some time, but even when it wasn’t out of the question, I would only use chamois creme for the longest rides of the month. The kind of ride I had planned with friend(s) and had informed my spouse I’d be worthless that day.

When my last tub of chamois butter was kicked, I literally didn’t miss it. I guess maybe not ever using it also tells me which of my bib shorts are best, and which are only worthy of the commute, but if I started getting saddle sores, I’d simply buy a tub and not worry about the hassle. I’ll save my money on things like mechanic labor and moving from replaceable batteries to rechargeables.

I seem to remember Tinker Juarez (and I could certainly be wrong) saying he used equal parts Vaseline, hydrocortisone and Neosporin ointments. He (or whoever it was) said you should put enough on that it should feel weird at first. YMMV.

Edit: I just clicked the link above and see The recipe from Keith Bontrager.

Let’s get a review from somebody who tries this! :smiley:
(edit: seriously, though, nobody try this. Molybdenum can be toxic.)

I don’t use chamois cream, so I can’t comment.

Also, mentholatum.

:popcorn:This could be good

That’s your experience and not everyone’s. For anyone who uses this every ride it could be quite a cost saver.
Each to their own - just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

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I just ordered a new jar of Enzo’s…my last order was at the end of December. This is, by far, the fastest I have ever gone through a tub of chamois cream (I tend to use it more indoors and not much outside).

So at $20 for a jar, to last 6 months with pretty liberal use, it seems like a extremely low-cost item and not really worth the hassle of experimenting with a DIY mix.


My college buddy would always say Crisco! But i think maple syrup and butter might work too.

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Serves the added benefit of calories when you need them, but watch out for those chips…

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I almost flagged this post for spam… bots reading “recipe” and adding their bot-commentary. Then I read the post carefully.

I don’t need cream anymore but, there was a period I went through a bit until I figured out my saddle was a touch too high. It was getting expensive. A&D baby ointment (I think Gold) worked well and super cheap compared to DZnuts etc…it was the color and viscosity of vaseline. Not the zinc oxide stuff.

@benofw Old thread/comment, I realize, but recently Chris Horner made a video about his love for Noxema as a chamois cream.

For a single ride try Atomic balm. It will be cool at first, keep you on point for a while, then you’ll be numb. You may not ride for a couple days but that one was interesting?