The best bedding? Sheets and comforters

The world of bedding is so hard to filter through! There have been discussions on this forum about mattresses, pillows and weighted blankets, however, I want to hear what sheets and comforters TR athletes recommend. So many sites say that their sheets and/comforters are breathable and/or cooling, but then say they are made of cotton! While exercising, that’s the last fabric I would want for breathability and cooling!

What do you use and why? Are you a hot sleeper? Let’s hear it!

You’re exercising in bed? :blush:

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High thread count cotton. Moisture wicking is not an important characteristic when sleeping, unless you are having night sweats, in which case maybe you need to see a doctor.

Comforter is either a down duvet or the cheapest weighted blanket I found on Amazon.

I love my Bed Jet BedJet 3 Bed Climate Control Comfort System

As a UK person I’ve not come across what a comforter is.

A duvet, more or less.

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