Favorite underwear 2023

I’m having trouble finding underwear that I like and I thought there might be like minds on the forum. Obviously its very personal but perhaps some agreement can be found within our particular requirements.

First, for me, cotton is straight out. Its warmer and bulkier than necessary. I prefer either lightweight wool or polyester. While wool feels great, the added expense creates some disappointment when they start to wear. I kind of like the idea of finding something reasonably nice for cheap and then not feeling bad when its worn out.

I particularly like the Uniqlo Airism Ultra - https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/products/E454326-000/00?colorDisplayCode=69&sizeDisplayCode=004 - the problem is that their prints are lame, and I don’t want either gray or black which leaves me with navy.

Uniqlo has made others that I like but they no longer make them.

I tried these - https://aswemove.com/ - the price is a bit high but the real deal breaker is they’re too sheer. I just feel funny about it.

Anyway, I open the floor to everyone’s thoughts an opinions on the matter.

MiiOW a rip off of Uniqlo i think as it’s Ali express but they’re even better imo. Think xiaomi own them.

I actually really like Reebok Performance which I get from Sams Club. They look alot like Uniqlo at 25% of the cost. Reebok Colors aren’t great but I don’t care.

Looks like you can get fancier colors with Hurley but haven’t tried.

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I have been wearing Pair of Thieves from Target. I have some of the “super-soft” ones and some of the “super-fit.” Based on your description of wanting something lightweight, the super-fit would be the way to go. A 2 pack is $25, so cheap to try out and doesn’t break the bank to stock the whole drawer. They will sometimes ride up my thigh a little bit - but that is a problem with every pair of boxer-briefs I’ve ever owned due to my large thigh-to-waist ratio

Lately I like Jockeys. Online they have a great selection including synthetic/cotton blends and full synthetic fabrics.
They are quite form fitting, accentuating your goods which my wife finds quite funny. And you should be able to qualify for 30% off plus free shipping almost anytime.

I need to take a closer look at MiiOW - thats as close to Uniqlo as I’ve seen. I have to say, some of the ads are a bit odd.

Champion Boxer Briefs from Costco - great all around. They feel good, aren’t too thick or thin, last for years, and the price is right.

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I’ve been wearing Calvin Klein Micro Hip Briefs for decades. They fit in all the right places, and last a long time. I’d tried Jockey, and some other brands early on, and the CK seemed to just be the best. The wife likes them too. They make light cotton, and an array of other fabrics, including a cashmere blend too. The waistbands are wide, and the leg elastic is tough and doesn’t burn out from washings like other brands. They make some great boxers too, but I never went that was for everyday wear. The boxers I do have are Boxer Jocks form Under Armour, and also several pairs of their normal boxers. The Boxer Jocks under a suit or tux is great. :man_shrugging:

Memories of my grandmother giving my underwear to my sister when she was house sitting us while the parents escaped to sanity. :flushed:


I have moved on to these as well. Very comfortable, especially when it’s warm and sweaty. I machine wash them at 40C opposed to the recommended 30C hand wash and they seem to survive.

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Big fan of Costco’s Kirkland brand Pima Cotton boxer briefs

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Duluth Trading Company. “A pocket for your pouch…Keep your boys where they belong.”


Some of them though, don’t fit in the backside. People have said that I ‘have a butt’. Apparently people my age don’t run around with a derriere, and look rather flat on the backside. I have to pull the back up or the waistband drops across my butt, and then they aren’t at all very comfortable in the front side. Not sure which ones those are, I bought so many at one point using them under running shorts. (When Nike cane up with shorts with that built-in, I was in love)

The ones that fit the best have sort of a ‘ventilated’ fabric. It’s like a tight mesh. They fit perfect front and back. The other ones, that don’t fit, are more like a jersey/poly fabric like in a t-shirt or something.

Just trying to help people identify the ones that fit.

(On a related tangent: I found a pair of ‘elastic’ 501 jeans in my standard size that fit perfectly. I have always had issues with the 501 fit, and these are my new complete 100% favorite jeans, fat ass and all, and they aren’t too tight in the thigh too. I was so surprised. Over the years I’ve recycled several pair of jeans because of leg and/or butt fit)


I always wondered if they would be too ‘confining’, or have too much fabric in the front. That’s why I never liked true boxers. Too much fabric, and not enough control. Not sure if more control would be a good thing. :man_shrugging:

I saw an advert online for a pair of undies that looked like there was a literal piece of fabric on each side so ‘they’ were literally in some kind of separated ‘alcove’ looking thing. It looked potentially painful. Pass…

Duluth trading company Buck naked briefs are by far my favorite briefs. They are extremely comfortable and last forever (I have some 6+ years now lol).